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Best of April ‘Betes.


Happy May everyone!  (where on earth is this year going??)

So today is the day.  I have the honor of announcing the diabetes blog warriors for the month of April.  I had quite a bit of reading to do in order to pick the warriors!  And some tough decisions to make.  But the pleasure was mine in having to read it all.  This community rocks.  That is all.  Now onto what you’ve all come here to find out 😉

Best Use of Humor – Jacquie

Best Use of Photography – Heidi

Best Advocacy – Reva

Best Reference to a D-Celebrity – George

Best Story of a D Meet-up – Briley

Best non-D Related Post – Jeff

Best Post by a Type 1 – Shannon

Best Post by a Type 2 – Sir Bob

Best Post by a Type Awesome – Moira

Best story of a D-mistake – Katy

Best Motivational Post – Nikki

Best Diabetes Art – Meri


There were no nominations for Best Vlog, Best Recipe or Best Post by a LADA/ Type 1.5/ Not otherwise specified.

In all honesty, all of these posts were fantastic.  And I got to learn of a few new blogs that I haven’t read much of before.  (time to update the blogroll!) A huge thank you to those who nominated as well as those who had submissions.  Without our stories and participation, our advocacy would not exist!

Scott S.




Diabetes Mine















Scott E.



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Best of the ‘Betes Comes To Portable Pancreas Girl!

Hi there.  Remember little ol’ me?  I hope so 😉  Even though I’ve been super busy with work and some fun traveling and more work, I’m here with an announcement.  I am honored to be hosting the Best of The ‘Betes Blogs for the month of April.  If you’re not familiar with what that is, let me tell you.

Here are the categories:

Best Use of Humor
Best Vlog
Best Recipe
Best Use of Photography
Best Advocacy
Best Reference to a D-Celebrity
Best Story of a D Meet-up
Best non-D Related Post
Best Post by a Type 1
Best Post by a Type 2
Best Post by a Type Awesome
Best Post by a LADA/ Type 1.5/ Not otherwise specified
Best story of a D-mistake
Best Motivational Post

Best Diabetes Art 

Think of blogs you have read or will be reading during this month, take note of any posts that you think are a perfect example of one of the categories listed above (please no self-nominations). Email or send a DM to the Best of the ‘Betes Blogs twitter account (@bestbetesblogs) with your nominations.

A nomination would look something like this

Sara (include link to blog if you have one) nominates Sprinkles for the Best Story of a D-Mistake (link to the specific post you are nominating on Sprinkles’ blog)

You do not need to have your own blog to nominate – anyone from anywhere can make a nomination!  Come back here or visit on May 1st to see the winners.  Easy, peasy.  I like this idea because it gives exposure to some great blogs out there.  And provides some great reading material for everyone.  So get to it.  Send in your nominations!  It’s always open so you have from now until midnight (EST) of April 29th to submit.  Thank you Sara and George for bringing this opportunity to nominate blogs in order to connect everyone’s circles together and allow people to expand their network of support and encouragement 🙂

A Valentine’s Day Gift Beyond Flowers.

If you happened to notice some of the buttons I have on the side of my blog, you will see one for the Life for a Child program, established by the International Diabetes Federation in 2001.  The purpose of the program is to get life saving insulin to children in need in developing countries.  Living with diabetes for over 30 years, once as a child, I know first hand the expense insulin and other diabetes supplies can be.  I admire the IDF for putting a program like this together.  I am all for helping those less fortunate than myself and I do so whenever I can.

This year as Valentine’s Day approaches, a few great members of the diabetes community have come together to start a campaign, if you will.  The object of the Spare a Rose Save a Child initiative is to spread the word about the Life For a Child program in order to get life saving insulin to children who need it most.  We as a community all over the world, can make a huge difference.  If I lived in a country that didn’t have insulin as accessible as it is to me here in the US, I would love to know there were others around the world willing and able to help me.  Or more importantly, if it was my child.

So let’s use our voices and share the information about this program.  If you have a blog of your own, write a post about it.  If you are part of the Twitter-verse, share it there using the hashtag #sparearose.  If you’re on Facebook too, let all your friends there know about it.  I will be doing all of these things, plus making a donation.  Please click on the picture below if you’d like to contribute yourself.


Together, the diabetes community is strong.  Let’s show the world we mean business!

Diabetes Art Day. 2013.

Diabetes Art Day is a fun event started by my friend Lee Ann to “encourage individuals and families with diabetes to engage in creative visual expression to communicate their experience with diabetes, connect with others, raise awareness, and promote insight and positive coping skills”.  One thing that I have learned over the past few years participating in this is that I’m really not all that creative 😉  But I still have fun and especially love seeing the entries by others in the community.

My submission for this year is about the ups and downs of diabetes. Figuratively and literally.  There are both good and bad times living with diabetes.  And even though the bad times can seem overpowering and never ending at times, in reality, the good times are bigger.  And this I believe is what gets us through.


Goodbye 2012.


I want to thank all of my readers for sharing The Girl with the Portable Pancreas with me.  I truly appreciate your reading and feedback.  This past year has been a tough one for so many of my family and friends.  So it is with wishes for health, happiness and good fortune for all of you that I say goodbye to 2012.  I hope the new year is a good one.  ~Stacey

My Diabetes is 31 Today.

31 years going strong.

On Christmas eve 31 years ago, my life changed forever.  And my family’s.  Instead of celebrating Christmas with family and gifts like planned, I was brought to the hospital by my parents for a type 1 diabetes diagnosis.  To this day, I am grateful that my parents recognized the symptoms of insatiable thirst and never ending trips to the bathroom as soon as they did.  They saved me from becoming seriously ill.

I dislike having to live with diabetes.  There are days or moments when I absolutely hate it.  I’m not going to hide it.  But as I am reading “Breakthrough: Elizabeth Hughes, the Discovery of Insulin, and the Making of a Medical Miracle“, I cannot help but feel extremely thankful that I live in a time where there are treatment options.  Back in the early 1900’s, the prognosis of being diagnosed with diabetes was a death sentence.  And a short one.  In my first years of being a person with diabetes, we relied on urine testing and only 1-2 daily injections of insulin to manage blood sugar.  But it was still better than nothing at all.  And today, 31 years later, even though I have some mild complications, I am still overall a healthy person.

So happy birthday, Diabetes.  I’m sorry to be stuck with you but in a way I hope we get to celebrate many more together.

World Diabetes Day 2012.

I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 59 years after insulin was discovered.  And here we are just about 31 years later and although the tools to oversee one’s glucose levels have improved significantly, we still rely on insulin to live.  Without insulin, the rest is useless.

So on this day, World Diabetes Day 2012, I say thank you to Banting and Best.  I owe you both my life, literally.  Oh and happy birthday Sir Frederick Grant Banting!   🙂

I’m going to try and pass by the Empire State Building tonight to see it lit up in blue.  Let’s hope it’s not a big fat fail like last year!


November has begun and it is Diabetes Awareness month.  This is the time that diabetes advocacy takes on a whole new meaning.    Diabetes education and awareness is extremely important.  In fact, it is critical in order to get the resources we need  to live long, healthy lives.  This is when my voice is supposed to be the loudest.

But my heart is just not in it this year.  I do feel like I am failing as a diabetes advocate.  But with the loss that surrounds me from Hurricane Sandy, I can’t seem to focus.  I wasn’t directly affected by destruction.  But my twin sister was.  And so, so, so many other people.  I will never forget the desperation and terror in her voice when she called me fearing for her and her family’s lives when the water from the beach started approaching their house.  It was the longest moments of my life waiting to hear from her again.  I will never forget the news stories of neighborhoods close by, just gone.  I will never forget the sight of her neighborhood or her house from the destruction.  I will certainly never forget the compassion and generosity of friends, family and complete strangers to her and others.

I know it will get better.  And I’m hoping in a couple of weeks when things calm down a bit, I can focus again.  Until then, please don’t mind the absence of my advocate voice.  I’m there in spirit and commend all of my diabetes community friends for all their efforts.  My heart is just someplace else right now.

Faces of Diabetes.

November is right around the corner.  Which is Diabetes Awareness Month.  In other words, a very busy month for diabetes advocates and organizations everywhere.  There will be movements and efforts throughout the month, especially on World Diabetes Day, to promote education on the facts of diabetes.

The American Diabetes Association, launched a social initiative a couple of weeks ago to illustrate what a day in the life of diabetes means to you.  I like initiatives like this a lot.  It gives diabetes a face (or in this case, many faces)  It shows the world that as grueling as diabetes can be, we can look just like anyone else.  It gives it life.  It shows strength.  And hope.    To help spread this initiative, the ADA will create a larger-than-life outdoor projection of the photos in Washington D.C. on World Diabetes Day.  That is pretty cool.   Also, for every photo uploaded to the Association’s Facebook page, CVS pharmacy will donate $1 to the Association, up to $25,000.

Please visit the Facebook page for the A Day in the Life of Diabetes campaign.  Take a look at what diabetes means to tons of people.  And upload your own pictures!  (if you search by name, you should see two of my own entries 😉 )

No D Day.

Today is No D Day.  A day set aside each year for the d*&$%#@!* online community to take time off from speaking of, blogging, tweeting or Facebooking about d*&$%#@!*.  I’m all for it so thanks G for coming up with the idea!  What I’m going to focus on today is the things I love 🙂

Number one, my husband.  I am reminded daily (yes even when I am cleaning up after him constantly) of how blessed I am to have a husband that treats me with respect, consideration, love and affection.  We will be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary next year and I honestly love him more now than I did then.  He is the most mild mannered, patient person I think I have ever known.  He always seems to try and motivate me to do things when I am lacking.  (see: all the time)  His heart is as big as the world and I know I can count on him for anything.  We share something very special and for that I am eternally grateful.

Number two, my sister.  Being an identical twin, you share a special bond with your sibling that is scientifically proven to begin in the womb.  Although I see my sister nowhere near as much as I would like, we communicate frequently each day via phone calls, texts, emails, etc.  We have never had a serious fight.  Ever.  And with us being so close, I feel as if my niece and nephew are a special part of me as well.  And with a new baby on the way, I couldn’t be more excited.  Probably more than she is 😉

Number three, food.  I admit it.  I love food.  Of all different varieties.  My newest crazes are Pumpkin coffee and Müller Greek yogurt.  I tried Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte and fell in love.  The stuff is absolutely delicious!  I thought Dunkin’s pumpkin coffee would taste a lot different since they’re lacking the “spice” but it’s actually just as good.  And a bit better nutritiously, even if only a smidge.  I tried the Müller Greek yogurt for the first time yesterday and love it.  I had the caramelized almond and strawberry flavors.  Both very, very yummy.

Number four, exercise.  One would think that if I love exercise, I would do it all the time right?  Well I unfortunately struggle with this.  However when I do exercise, whether it be a run on my elliptical, some Zumba-ing, a bike ride or the few times I go to the gym, it makes me quite happy.  It feels wonderful to sweat out all your frustrations.  To push yourself when you feel like quitting sooner.  Knowing that you are helping your body work better is a huge plus too.  Now I just have to embed that in my brain somewhere so I can remember the next time I don’t feel like working out!

Number five, technology.  I’m not even certain how I became so obsessed with technology.  But I’ll be the first to admit that I am.  If I’ve had a device for more than 6 months, that seems like a long time to me!  My newest toy is the Kindle Fire HD 7”.  I like that it’s lighter and smaller to carry around with me than the iPad but the screen on this one is fantastic.  My next toy may very well be an upgrade to the iPhone 5 however I think I have some time to decide since it seems none of the stores in my area have them in stock!

Number six, nature.  Whether it be sunsets in the Caribbean or beautiful greenery in Boston Common or the autumn color of trees in NYC, I love it all.  Whatever kind of trip we take, I enjoy finding the greatest scenery for pictures.  And then when I look back at them, I think wow, that view was really before my own eyes.  The earth has much to offer for us to appreciate.

I could seriously go on and on about things I love.  There is a lot in my life that I am happy with and sometimes I need to remind myself of this when times get tough.  I hope you can take a moment and think of the things you love and make you happy too 😀

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