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And the winner is ……..

When posting the giveaway a few days ago, I had absolutely no idea it was going to get such a huge response!  I’ve been a busy beaver the past few days keeping on top of all the entrees!  I appreciate each and every one of you taking the time to come to my blog and entering the contest.  I honestly wish I was able to give a gift to everyone!

I picked the winner the ol’ fashioned way …. putting the names of each comment-er on a piece of paper, folding them up and putting them in a bowl.  Eyes closed and grabbing that lucky one. 

And the winner is ………….. Gail 🙂

“gail says:

I have several of Laurens pieces… they are lovely… as much as i would love to have another … after reading several postings here … i think should i be chosen …you should send my winning bracelet Joelle… and make her dream come true!”

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Please send an email to with your contact information so that I can put you in touch with the correct person at Lauren’s Hope in order to claim your prize. 

A huge thank you to Lauren’s Hope for providing the opportunity to host this giveaway.  I really enjoyed working with you and hope that all of my readers will take an interest in the products offered … they are wonderful.  I know I have 🙂

First Giveaway!

Those of us living with diabetes are part of a group of people who should always wear some sort of alert to their medical condition in the event of any kind of emergency.  In the past few years, lucky for us, there are organizations that are offering better looking and more classy pieces of jewelry that are as good looking as they are important.  On that note, I am very honored to be hosting the very first giveaway here on The Girl with the Portable Pancreas!  One very lucky reader will win one of those great looking medical alert ID’s from one of those great organizations.  All you have to do to enter is submit a comment on this post between now and midnight Thursday, June 23rd.  Then on Friday, June 24th, I will pick a winner out of the entrees and announce it here.  This makes me so happy to be able to do something like this – giving back is one of my goals as a blogger 🙂

Now let me tell you a bit about the great company that is helping me with this giveaway!  Lauren’s Hope specializes in fashionable medical identification jewelry for men, women and children and has been providing life saving medical ID’s for over 10 years.  Their medical ID bracelets are custom engraved with your important medical information in the event of an emergency and are unable to communicate.  Styles ranging from stylish and elegant medical ID bracelets for women, durable medical ID’s for men and fun medical ID’s for kids make wearing your medical alert a joy and not a burden!

The winner of my drawing will get to choose one of the following items (click on the picture to be taken to the Lauren’s Hope item listing):

Be her knight in shining armor – with a modern twist! This handsome medical ID bracelet will compliment your heroic good looks nicely. Black disc beads and sterling silver accents create a daring, contemporary statement on your wrist. Simply attach your custom engraved medical alert tag with our signature lobster clasps to complete the valiant look.

Everyone loves stylish simplicity – especially when it comes to medical ID jewelry. If you want a style that is elegant-yet-modest, you can’t go wrong with this triple strand medical ID bracelet. This sophisticated design features black tubing and gray Swarovski crystals to create a look that is subtly stunning. Simply attach your custom engraved medical ID tag with our signature stainless steel lobster clasps for instant, trouble-free elegance.

This sophisticated design is a crafty one. Its superior design and cutting edge style give it a stealthy look that would make James Bond himself jealous.  Made of durable stainless steel, this sneaky medical alert bracelet is nearly indestructible – which will come in handy when you’re cracking cases and going undercover. Complete the smooth look by custom engraving your bracelet with up to three lines of your important medical information.

You’ll feel like a real princess when you slip into this enchanting medical ID bracelet.  The single bali, clear seed beads, Swarovski gray pearls, metallic gold and wafer crystals will transform you from ordinary to the belle of the ball as if by magic.  Attach your custom engraved medical ID tag to our signature stainless steel lobster clasps and twirl your way into a fairytale.  Your custom engraved medical ID tag can be custom engraved wtih upto 5 lnes of your important medical information.

Now what are you waiting for?  Get commenting and even if you don’t win, head on over to Lauren’s Hope to check out their great items!

Biggest Loser.

I like being healthy. Well who doesn’t really? I love reading up on what foods are good for you and which ones to stay away from. Or the latest fitness craze. (Zumba anyone?) I even subscribe to Health magazine – both the good ol’ paper edition and the online newsletter. But so many times my lazy and tired side takes over and it’s hard for me to stick with a work out routine. I prefer working out at home for a number of reasons but I won’t get into those now.  Last year my hubby got me an elliptical for my birthday.  (Insert best gift giver ever!!) It went unused for the first few weeks but thats a different story.  I love having that equipment at home but I’ll admit, it does get kind of boring to use just that. (Add HBO GO on my iPad and it’s a bit more entertaining however still not the most fun ever) At the beginning of the year I got myself a wii fit. I like it a lot. But recently I took it a step further and got a “game” to go with the wii fit board and it’s finally something I’ve been keeping up with.

I am loving this!  It offers a program that you can customize to your liking.  It sets a schedule for you based on your needs and(or) wants.  You can set the tone for your work outs by choosing the length of time, type and intensity.  You can even change the background scenery for each exercise.  Periodically you enter into a challenge just like on the show.  It’s fun!!  It mainly relies on the wii board and remote to “monitor” your exercises.  And sometimes it’s a little off and I hear Bob or Jillian telling me “I hope you’re not quitting” or that a little more effort will help me obtain my goals.  That’s usually when I start cursing at the TV in a sweaty, huffing state since I know that I’m trying very hard and doing the exercises right.   Just a minor glitch if you want to call it that, that I can certainly live with.  My ultimate goal is not to lose weight, although I’d be extremely pleased if I do.  I want to get the activity my body needs in order to stay healthy and to help use the insulin I take more effectively.  When I’m done with a 30 or 40 minute activity from this game, I feel it.  And that’s a good thing.  I can finally say that in the last month+ I’ve been exercising regularly.  And that makes me happy.  And my body is happy too 🙂

(sidenote: I have no affiliation with Nintendo, NBC, Jillian Michaels or Bob Harper 😉  and the photo is courtesy of the NBC store)

You Can Do This.

A few weeks ago I posted about a project I was a part of that was underway.  Well now, the You Can Do This project is live!  Please visit Kim’s website to view the story behind the project, watch the introductory video along with all the submissions and don’t forget to submit your own story! 

If you’ve ever felt alone living with diabetes, had a hard time coping or just want to share your story of leading a diabetes-filled life, this project is just for you.  We all want to hear from you.  I am not alone.  You are not alone.  Together, we can do this. 

And as for me, I am going to muster some more courage about going before the camera again to shoot my own video!

New Look.

You may notice that my little blog has a new look.  Again.  Yes, I get bored of certain things very easily.  I like to change things up. And can’t promise that it won’t change again from time to time 😉 

You may also wonder what on earth cherry blossoms have to do with living with diabetes.  Well they don’t really.  Even though this blog here is mainly to share my stories and experiences of living with diabetes, I also like to share things that make me happy.  Or things that I like.  Or encourage a pleasant, positive atmosphere.  Cherry blossoms are pretty.  I love them.  And so I hope that when you visit my blog, it will bring pleasant thoughts or put off a positive vibe.  That’s why I picked them.  Because living with diabetes is hard and although there is lots to complain or vent about, you can still maintain pleasant-ness and positive-ness 🙂

The Hype.

It seems that the latest hype in the diabetes community is the announcement of the Animas Vibe insulin pump that was announced as receiving European CE Mark approval last week.  I have to admit that like so many others, I am very excited about this.  Being both an Animas pump and Dexcom user, of course I will be happy when the two become integrated.  I took a stab quite a while back at the Medtronic integrated CGMS when it was the Paradigm.  Unfortunately it did not provide accurate results or comfort for me.  But I did really like that the pump and sensors fed the same device.

From the information I’ve gathered, this won’t be available in the US until late this year or next.  I am very disappointed about this.  While I appreciate the process of ensuring medical devices are safe for consumers here in the states, I find it frustrating that they hold up the availability of such devices that would improve the management of blood glucose for those living with diabetes. If it’s safe enough for those living in Europe, what makes the citizens of US different?

There was also a new meter introduced by Animas Canada recently.  I found this out from fellow D Momma, Sherry.

It looks very similar to the Ping meter that’s in use in the US today except the screen is color, just like the pump.  That’s pretty cool isn’t it? 😉 Now if there isn’t much change to the meter, why would the FDA be holding this up too?  I’ve heard that when the Vibe comes to the US it will not have the “Ping” feature meaning that you will not be able to bolus from the meter.  Does that mean the new color screen meter will not be coming with the pump?  Will Animas US offer the new meter before the Vibe?  I’d love to not have to guess the answers to these questions that I’m sure I’m not the only one wondering about.  Come on already FDA!

(note: the pictures are all courtesy of Animas and their Vibe press release)

Special Announcement.

I wanted to take a moment and share with you an extremely exciting announcement from Kim over at Texting My Pancreas:


The You Can Do This Project is born!!!


You are not alone. 

You can do this. 

Please take a few moments and add your own video and join the community that proves we can do anything.

Thank you Kim for taking a wonderful idea and making it a reality and also for giving me the opportunity to share in it.   Thank you to everyone who participated in the “unveiling” of the project and for making it awesome.