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Those of us living with diabetes are part of a group of people who should always wear some sort of alert to their medical condition in the event of any kind of emergency.  In the past few years, lucky for us, there are organizations that are offering better looking and more classy pieces of jewelry that are as good looking as they are important.  On that note, I am very honored to be hosting the very first giveaway here on The Girl with the Portable Pancreas!  One very lucky reader will win one of those great looking medical alert ID’s from one of those great organizations.  All you have to do to enter is submit a comment on this post between now and midnight Thursday, June 23rd.  Then on Friday, June 24th, I will pick a winner out of the entrees and announce it here.  This makes me so happy to be able to do something like this – giving back is one of my goals as a blogger 🙂

Now let me tell you a bit about the great company that is helping me with this giveaway!  Lauren’s Hope specializes in fashionable medical identification jewelry for men, women and children and has been providing life saving medical ID’s for over 10 years.  Their medical ID bracelets are custom engraved with your important medical information in the event of an emergency and are unable to communicate.  Styles ranging from stylish and elegant medical ID bracelets for women, durable medical ID’s for men and fun medical ID’s for kids make wearing your medical alert a joy and not a burden!

The winner of my drawing will get to choose one of the following items (click on the picture to be taken to the Lauren’s Hope item listing):

Be her knight in shining armor – with a modern twist! This handsome medical ID bracelet will compliment your heroic good looks nicely. Black disc beads and sterling silver accents create a daring, contemporary statement on your wrist. Simply attach your custom engraved medical alert tag with our signature lobster clasps to complete the valiant look.

Everyone loves stylish simplicity – especially when it comes to medical ID jewelry. If you want a style that is elegant-yet-modest, you can’t go wrong with this triple strand medical ID bracelet. This sophisticated design features black tubing and gray Swarovski crystals to create a look that is subtly stunning. Simply attach your custom engraved medical ID tag with our signature stainless steel lobster clasps for instant, trouble-free elegance.

This sophisticated design is a crafty one. Its superior design and cutting edge style give it a stealthy look that would make James Bond himself jealous.  Made of durable stainless steel, this sneaky medical alert bracelet is nearly indestructible – which will come in handy when you’re cracking cases and going undercover. Complete the smooth look by custom engraving your bracelet with up to three lines of your important medical information.

You’ll feel like a real princess when you slip into this enchanting medical ID bracelet.  The single bali, clear seed beads, Swarovski gray pearls, metallic gold and wafer crystals will transform you from ordinary to the belle of the ball as if by magic.  Attach your custom engraved medical ID tag to our signature stainless steel lobster clasps and twirl your way into a fairytale.  Your custom engraved medical ID tag can be custom engraved wtih upto 5 lnes of your important medical information.

Now what are you waiting for?  Get commenting and even if you don’t win, head on over to Lauren’s Hope to check out their great items!

41 thoughts on “First Giveaway!

  1. Love this blog! I would love to be able to wear a stylish ID bracelet. I have had diabetes for 12 years. Since the birth of my second child. He was born with many special medical/behavioral needs. I does scare me when people see my tester and say “I didn’t know your had diabetes”. I need to have some type of id, should something happen to me where I cannot communicate. Unfortunately purchasing a bracelet is not in my budget but winning one would be a dream come true!

  2. So glad I stumbled on your blog. I am a newly diagnosed, 30 something T1. I don’t have any real-life T1 friends, so blogs like yours are a HUGE help to me!
    I really like the multri-stand bracelet. So cute!

  3. Hello, I have diabetes since I was 7 years old, now I have 25,this years have been difficult but great at the same time, because we have to take care about us always and we learn about health. I have been looking for a necklace, bracelet, or something else that can help me in emergencies, saying that I have had a couple of it and many time people don’t know what to do, once my father was very worried about my life in case of a emergency and he commanded to do a metal plate with my information many years ago and I remember that I loved it, but I turn uggly because it was only metal. I will be grad if I can win this wonderful and helpful prize, or if you could give to me the information to contact this company.
    Thank you very much
    Carolina Morales

  4. I have a type 1 friend who is having another leg surgery. I have type 2. I am trying to lose weight through WW. Having diabetes is a struggle. May they find a cure for diabetes especially type 1. God bless you.

  5. LOVE the Lauren’s Hope jewelry! I wear a bracelet of theirs every day but need a new one because of new diagnosis to add to the mix. Would love to win!

  6. My daughter was diagnosed with type 1 when she was three years old. She is now 17 and heading off to college in the fall. I’m scared to death, but I have faith in her! I would love to send her off with a brand new ID bracelet! She wears a necklace right now but received a number of fancy necklaces for graduation and would like to wear those instead of her ID, a new bracelet would be perfect. Thanks for this blog and sharing your wisdom. It isn’t easy to think like a pancreas!

  7. I just bookmarked your blog, I am always happy to find informative blogs about diabetes. I have been diabetic since 1984, and have been insulin dependent since 1985. I have had an insulin pump for the past 7 years and am so glad to have it. After a scary hypoglycemic event last month, I am seriously considering CGM also. I would LOVE to have a Lauren’s Hope bracelet, there are soooo many to choose from! I think out of the ones on your blog, the triple strand is the prettiest. Thank you!

  8. What a great giveaway! Thanks for your blog–I am 33 and was just diagnosed in January. There’s been a lot of learning and highs and lows (emotionally and blood sugar-wise), but I’m feeling good!

  9. I love your blog, its very informative but most of all it appears very welcoming and friendly..I was diagnosed as a type II diabetic six years ago at the same time that I had a massive heart attack. Life changed alot very rapidly, so much to learn and many adjustments..I am now undergoing clearance for a heart transplant..Laurens hope jewelry made the transition to wearing medical alert items much easier..I love all their items and sooo appreciate what they do. Keep up the blog..its great!

  10. these bracelets are beautful… just like us!

    If you pick ME
    others will SEE
    information is the KEY
    that will set us FREE!

    (hee hee hee)

  11. My 14 year old son was diagnosed w/Type 1 Diabetes 2 years ago just 3 weeks shy of his 12th birthday. I also have a sister (9 yrs older than me) that has beed sinceshe was 5 – going on40 yrs now. So I have know this diseasemy whole life – but to know it now as aparent is totally differnt. I worry all th time – esp. when he leaves the house without me and nothing on his person telling someone of his condition in case of an emergency! Thank you for this opportunity to win an ammazing peiece of jewlery he would actually wear and help ease a moms fears (albeit a little bit 🙂 ))

  12. Loved reading your blog.. Blogs are something new for me to read and I am glad that I found yours through Jenna’s blog at Lauren’s Hope. I have been wearing a Med Alert bracelet for 7 years now since I had my mastectomy and I just recently found Lauren’s site. So many beautiful designs! I’m saving my money for one and hope to be able to get one come Aug or Sept. All the designed featured here are truly beautiful! I have been trying to get my husband to wear some kind of Alert id since he has type 2 diabetes and asthma, but he is stubborn! He does like James Bond, maybe I can get him to wear the stealthy look bracelet. Since it is nearly indestructible, the would be great for him!

  13. I am so thankful I stumbled across your blog! I am 21 and I was diagnosed with type 1 last year. It has been a difficult transition for me, especially since I don’t know any other adults with diabetes. I can’t wait to start following your blog and learn more about how you manage your diabetes without it getting in the way of your life. I would also love to be entered to win a cute id bracelet! As a college student, it is not exactly in my budget to purchase a pretty bracelet but I know how important they are so I have had to settle for a cheap, ugly bracelet. It sticks out like a sore thumb on my wrist and just looks so medical-ish. Thanks Stacey!

  14. I guess you could say I’m kinda “newly diagnosed”. I’ve had T1 for two years now, and was diagnosed at age 32. I can say it has definitely been a struggle. Unlike you (since you were diagnosed at 5), my lifestyle has changed drastically. I am trying to learn how to eat properly when I would really just love a cupcake and a Coke 🙂 . I would like to win a bracelet because I am trying to adapt to the “new normal”. I am trying to take better care of myself (eating right, exercising, testing blood sugar) because I want to become a better diabetic than I have been for the last two years.

  15. My son was diagnosed with Type1 last year. He is 11 years old and is so strong. Sometimes I think wow, this is his life now. But he just keeps on going, he does not think of what he has lost as I sometimes find myself doing. I think it is a good thing that he was diagnosed as a child, somehow it makes it easier for him. I am so proud. He will be going to diabetes camp for the first time in a few weeks and he cannot wait. As he is quickly growing into a young man I think that the stainless steel bracelet would be a very nice fit for him.
    Thank you so much!

  16. I love both the second and the fourth bracelet. I was diagnosed with diabetes not long after being diagnosed with cancer. I have had to rearrange my entire life to fit the diabetes into my life. This is a wonderful blog with lots of good links. Thank you and I hope to win.

  17. Pick Me, Pick Me…I love #2. Both of my children have food allergies…so when they diagnosed me with Diabetes a couple of months ago it was a little easier to transition as I was already eating a specialized diet as we eat ONLY what my children can eat…I too dont wear a bracelet but both my 6 year old daughter does and I use Lauren’s HOPE tattoos for my 2 year old son as well as the Bag Tags…

  18. Love the Bali one, very neutral can be worn with anything but still looks like a nice bracelet if you turn the med Id around to the back of your wrist. I am 49 and just diagnosed with T1 February of this year. Just found your blog through Lauren’s Hope on facebook so I will be reading more of it. My family is very supportive, but it would be nice to have support from someone who knows what I’m living with.

  19. Hi there. I’m Amy and I’ve been a double diabetic since 2008, since I was 18 years old. I’m on an insulin pump too! I absolutely love these I.D. bracelets. They truly put my mind at ease. =] Especially to the paramedics. I’ve had two strokes at the age of 19 and the paramedics knew exactly what to do. They saw my bracelet and immediately knew. The same thing with each time I’ve been in DKA (more times than I can remember) Having diabetes has completely changed everything. I’ve had to pull myself out of school and I’m unable to work right now. I just can’t get used to it and I can’t get any control over it. But I’m so thankful that I’m still here. =]

    P.S. I love the triple strand bracelet =]


  20. This is a great blog and I am glad I found it! My daughter is Tpye 1 and was diagnosed at age 4. She too doesn’t remember life without diabetes, but ay 13 there is nothing she can’t do. She NEVER lets her disease get in the way of her being a kid. I wish she wasn’t diabetic, but she’s my hero and I’m very proud of her!

  21. Just as diabetes can change one’s life, when my daughter was diagnosed with a severe latex allergy our lives changed dramatically. We had to change our environment at home, at her school, most of her clothing, her make up and personal care items. It terrifies me that being treated for her latex allergy by an unsuspecting EMT can complicate a reaction or push her into an anaphylaxis shock if they are not aware of her allergy and use a latex product such as tubing or mask on her. She has been wearing a medical alert bracelet for 6 years now. She is entering college this fall into a Doctorate of Physical Therapy program so she is going to need a strong bracelet that will strand up to all kinds of abuse. She would love the stainless steel one. It would be easy to clean and keep sanitized. Always a bonus to her!


  22. Very nice blog! Came for the contest, stayed to look around!
    I don’t have diabetes, but my family has been affected by it.
    I have severe bee allergies and have worn a bracelet after my last large reaction.
    It’s very very important to have this information with you.
    Thanks for hosting the contest.

    PS- I like the triple strand one! Very pretty!

  23. i have been thinking about getting a tattoo telling everyone about my T1 Diabetes, mainly because i do not like any of the medic alert ID bracelets.. that was until i discovered your blog and your wonderful giveaway. these bracelets are fabulous. being a type 1, and a slow healer, perhaps one of these great designs would be the perfect idea, instead of a tattoo. it would be awesome to be picked as the winner!!

  24. I have several of Laurens pieces… they are lovely… as much as i would love to have another … after reading several postings here … i think should i be chosen …you should send my winning bracelet Joelle… and make her dream come true!

  25. I am very happy to have seen the link from Lauren’s Hope for your blog! I have had T1 since I was 11, but don’t know many of my peers that have T1. I’ve read a few of your blog posts, and have bookmarked your site! Thanks! :)I love that you’re giving back through this giveaway. I had a Lauren’s Hope ID Bracelet years ago, but have since lost it. 😦 These are beautiful! 🙂 Thanks for being a positive voice for T1! 🙂

  26. I love the last one. I used to have a bracelet from Laurens hope but after years of wearing it I had to stop wearing it to keep it from falling apart and have not been able to find a replacement one since that happened. I have been a type 1 diabetic since I was 8 years old and am now a 22 year old and recently graduated from college.

  27. I enjoy your blog! Very inspiring. We recently received a diagnosis for my son and have been searching the internet for groups and blogs and helpful resources. Thanks to your blog, we were able to find out about Lauren’s Hope and the medical IDs. Looks like my 14 year old may find something that he likes enough to wear.

    Good luck with all that you do for diabetes and enjoy life!


  28. I love your blog and uplifting spirit! I have had type 1 diabetes for 13 years. I have been an admirer of Laurens Hope bracelets for a long time, but due to being a single mom of 2 girls, the finances just arent there for “extras” lol, but I appreciate your blog and what you are doing and look forward to reading more!

  29. I LOVE the Princess bracelet!!!! I am a 13 year old girl and I love laurens hope. I am having surgery in about 2 weeks to repair my pectus excavatum and will have to wear a medical ID bracelet for the next couple of years, so I would love to wear a pretty one like these. I havent visited your blog before but I sure will again, its very fun and inspiring! Hope I win!!!!
    – ❤ Jenna C.

  30. I stumble upon your article, and I say prevention is indeed better that cure… One kind of medical alert bracelets for children that will save life in times in need… not that what you are thinking but because it gives out information about the patients’ condition… Nice one!

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