My Daddy.

My father was born on May 23, 1942.  He grew up in Ridgewood NY with his parents and brother.  He enlisted in the navy when he was around 19 years old.  Not long after he was discharged, he wound up in the hospital sick and had lost 25 pounds.  He was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at this time in 1966.  He married my mother in 1971 and a few years later they had me and my twin sister.

His diabetes life was a rough one.  He was diagnosed and had to manage his BG at a time when there wasn’t much in terms of technology.  In the 80’s he started with retinopathy and had numerous procedures over the years.  He had neuropathy in his legs and hands.  In 1997 he had vascular surgery on both legs, one leading to an amputation.  After that he encountered problems with his kidneys, and had multiple heart attacks.  He had congestive heart failure as well.  He was in and out of the hospital a lot the last few years of his life.  And I hate so much to remember that he suffered so much.  His last hospital stay lasted almost a month.  He had dialysis a couple of times but decided he didn’t want to go though that.  It wasn’t long after that, that his heart gave out and he was called to heaven.  My memory is not the best but I remember the last day with him like it was yesterday.  He knew his time had come.  He had diabetes for 37 years and it took his life.  Even before he passed away.  I loathe diabetes for this very reason.

But the memories of him will always be with me.  I danced with him at my wedding to “There You’ll Be” by Faith Hill.  Little did I know at the time it would be the perfect song since he would be gone just 3 months later.  I love my Daddy very much and admire him for keeping up the fight despite all he went through.  RIP 7/30/03.

This blog is dedicated to my father.  He was taken from this life way too soon because of diabetes complications.  I think of him and miss him every single day.

7 thoughts on “My Daddy.

  1. i just discovered your blog today. I was diagnosed with T2 about a year and a half ago, though I also had gestational diabetes 15 years ago.

    My mother died at 61 of diabetes complications. She was diagnosed in 1957. Her twin sister died before she. Mama was in and out of the hospital like your father, and at home lived in a hospital bed in the den (to be with my dad for evening TV)…

    Just wanted to say I feel you – and I hope that your ennui subsides soon. Look forward to reading more here.

  2. What you are doing here is a wonderful testement to the love that you and your Dad shared. Plenty of what your Dad went through must be have been very difficult for you both and you have managed to create from all of this something so positive and useful for other people. Your Dad must have been a great man to have helped you be so strong and thoughtful of others……strong through your tears.

    I also wanted to quickly say that the way you have set out your blog an particularly your use of images, really made a very readable blog. Well done and best wishes for the future.

  3. I am touched at your story about your dad especially as my daddy died on the same date 7/30 as yours from the same causes. It’s been just 4 short years ago now, but it still feels like yesterday. Thank you for sharing you story.

  4. I feel so touched after reading this article. Your dad was so strong. Reminds me of my dad. He battled cancer for 6 years. It recurred even after the transplant and then there was no way for a cure. I hope a cure comes soon for such incurable diseases. Thanks for writing your story.

  5. Stacey, I had seen you on Twitter but have just now gotten around to reading your blog. I am the mom of identical twin sons who both live with type 1 diabetes (Will diagnosed at 5 in 2005, and Zach diagnosed at 12 in 2013.) This is a beautiful tribute to your father. He would be so very proud of you living your life purposefully and helping to educate and be a positive presence for others with type 1 diabetes. Thank you so much for your blog and for sharing your Dad’s story.

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