Monthly Archives: March 2019


I found the diabetes online community back in 2006 when I was researching insulin pumps.  Growing up I didn’t know anyone else around my age with type 1.  It was very easy to feel isolated or alone.  Finding others, even if they didn’t live very close by, that were going through similar challenges or experiences was amazing.  It was instant support.  Diabetes may have been what got my path to cross with all of these people but there are so many other things that keep us united.  Over the years since then, my network of friends continues to grow.  I’ve even made some very treasured friendships.

One downfall to finding such valuable people is that there are more people in your life to lose, even if it isn’t diabetes that takes them too soon.  Being part of a community like the DOC, you touch people’s lives.  Whether it’s blogging, chatting, posting, advocating, texting, sharing, exchanging cards/letters, talking, debating, FaceTiming, brainstorming, walking, teaching, running, suggesting, riding, agreeing, even just nodding.  Whatever your involvement is in a community like this one, you matter.  And even if it is just one person that you reach, that is one person that feels less alone.

In remembrance of a few people that I had the pleasure of knowing while coping with this thing called diabetes.  I hope you are all resting peacefully, my friends.