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  1. Hi Stacey, my name is Ella, I am a type 2, I was diagnosed 12/12/12. I had no idea that it was diabetes effecting the feeling within me. I finally went to the Doctor…My blood sugar was 383. Its been a couple weeks now, I seen the lowest sugar count yesterday, it was 165 thanks to te medication in pill form(METFROMIN). I am new at all this. I have prayed for good health to all..BLESSINGS TO YOU STACEY

  2. Wow. I am so glad I found your blog. I have been type 1 for about 19 years; I think mine was from a virus. None in the family and no history that would “lead” to diabetes. Anyway, I have been on a medtronic pump for 10 years about and just switched to animas ping because my insurance company said they would cover the continuous glucose monitoring. Then they changed their mind. I am challenged by the insertion options. Learning about Mio is helpful.

  3. Hi Stacey,I’m curious where did you acquire the case for your PDM?
    After being diabetic for 42 years I decided to give a pump a try and haven’t looked back. That was six months ago but because I’m a ham-fisted oaf I keep dropping the PDM which is why the case would be useful

  4. How do I order one of your OmniPod PDM case an how many do you have?? How much are they an how long does it take to get one. I need for my daughter TIA

  5. While I am incredibly happy with my omnipod I have to say that the US manufacturer could not give a damn about English users. I found that by asking my diabetes clinic nurse was the best way to get a silicon cover for my PDM. First rule – ask the people that supplied you with omnipodo NOT the manufacturer.

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