New Look.

You may notice that my little blog has a new look.  Again.  Yes, I get bored of certain things very easily.  I like to change things up. And can’t promise that it won’t change again from time to time 😉 

You may also wonder what on earth cherry blossoms have to do with living with diabetes.  Well they don’t really.  Even though this blog here is mainly to share my stories and experiences of living with diabetes, I also like to share things that make me happy.  Or things that I like.  Or encourage a pleasant, positive atmosphere.  Cherry blossoms are pretty.  I love them.  And so I hope that when you visit my blog, it will bring pleasant thoughts or put off a positive vibe.  That’s why I picked them.  Because living with diabetes is hard and although there is lots to complain or vent about, you can still maintain pleasant-ness and positive-ness 🙂

4 thoughts on “New Look.

  1. I love cherry blossoms and they definitely make me smile. Thanks Stacey for keeping things new and fresh!

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