You Can Do This. My Submission.

The You Can Do This project is still going strong.  I do admit that I need to catch up on watching some of the videos.  But I also wanted to submit something myself.

Well here goes nothing.  I’m not a pro at vlogging (which is probably apparent in this video) but I wanted to contribute and shared what was on my mind. 🙂

My first time on YouTube!

2 thoughts on “You Can Do This. My Submission.

  1. Stacey,

    I’m sorry to hear about your father and his passing and especially want to thank you for sharing how that affected you. You’re a strong person and I’m glad I’ve met you through the DOC!


  2. hi stacey
    thanks for sharing. its hard to lose someone you love, and even harder when that death is caused by the same thing we suffer from. it is scary, but as you said, we can do this. with help here from people like you, the DOC is making Diabetes easier to live with. keep the faith, be strong. YOU CAN DO THIS!!
    kim h

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