A Valentine’s Day Gift Beyond Flowers.

If you happened to notice some of the buttons I have on the side of my blog, you will see one for the Life for a Child program, established by the International Diabetes Federation in 2001.  The purpose of the program is to get life saving insulin to children in need in developing countries.  Living with diabetes for over 30 years, once as a child, I know first hand the expense insulin and other diabetes supplies can be.  I admire the IDF for putting a program like this together.  I am all for helping those less fortunate than myself and I do so whenever I can.

This year as Valentine’s Day approaches, a few great members of the diabetes community have come together to start a campaign, if you will.  The object of the Spare a Rose Save a Child initiative is to spread the word about the Life For a Child program in order to get life saving insulin to children who need it most.  We as a community all over the world, can make a huge difference.  If I lived in a country that didn’t have insulin as accessible as it is to me here in the US, I would love to know there were others around the world willing and able to help me.  Or more importantly, if it was my child.

So let’s use our voices and share the information about this program.  If you have a blog of your own, write a post about it.  If you are part of the Twitter-verse, share it there using the hashtag #sparearose.  If you’re on Facebook too, let all your friends there know about it.  I will be doing all of these things, plus making a donation.  Please click on the picture below if you’d like to contribute yourself.


Together, the diabetes community is strong.  Let’s show the world we mean business!

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