Faces of Diabetes.

November is right around the corner.  Which is Diabetes Awareness Month.  In other words, a very busy month for diabetes advocates and organizations everywhere.  There will be movements and efforts throughout the month, especially on World Diabetes Day, to promote education on the facts of diabetes.

The American Diabetes Association, launched a social initiative a couple of weeks ago to illustrate what a day in the life of diabetes means to you.  I like initiatives like this a lot.  It gives diabetes a face (or in this case, many faces)  It shows the world that as grueling as diabetes can be, we can look just like anyone else.  It gives it life.  It shows strength.  And hope.    To help spread this initiative, the ADA will create a larger-than-life outdoor projection of the photos in Washington D.C. on World Diabetes Day.  That is pretty cool.   Also, for every photo uploaded to the Association’s Facebook page, CVS pharmacy will donate $1 to the Association, up to $25,000.

Please visit the Facebook page for the A Day in the Life of Diabetes campaign.  Take a look at what diabetes means to tons of people.  And upload your own pictures!  (if you search by name, you should see two of my own entries 😉 )

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