Big Blue Test.

One of the things that I struggle most with in terms of my health and(or) diabetes management is consistent exercise.  Usually I do well for a few weeks then work hours are longer or I have more things to do and I get off track.  I’ve made a promise to myself recently that I am going to make it a priority in my life no matter what.  What helps me a lot to stay motivated honestly is support and inspiration of others.  When I see someone post about working out or read about the accomplishments of athletes living with diabetes or pass by someone who is running or riding a bike in my neighborhood, I want to get active.

That is why I love the Big Blue Test.  It is a movement started by the Diabetes Hands Foundation in 2010, to help promote the positive affect physical activity has not only on a person with diabetes’ blood sugar, but on everyone’s health in general.  It is so simple.  All you have to do is test your blood sugar, exercise for at least 14 minutes, test your blood sugar again and log it over at  Those people without diabetes can participate also, just minus the blood sugar readings part.  The best part is this:  if 20,000 entries are logged by November 14th, Roche will donate $100,000 to organizations that will provide life saving diabetes supplies to those who need it the most.

I know together, we can achieve this goal and help those less fortunate than us while helping ourselves stay healthy.  I’ve logged my Big Blue Test three times already this week.  Have you?

4 thoughts on “Big Blue Test.

  1. I have! I almost forgot how nice having a dog can be 🙂 One of my favorite things is the walks, because it forces you to give your dog the exercise it needs and I get exercise as well!

  2. I’m trying! On the sunny days it is easy. On the rainy days I say I will exercise inside but my couch is so comfy.

    I need to focus on the donations and get my butt in gear!

  3. this sounds like a great way to get people active and more aware of the way exercise affects their glucose readings.

    i do have to wonder at the paltry amount Roche wants to donate. why not just donate it? if it’s for LIFE-SAVING diabetes supplies….just give it to the people who need it most, you know?? and how many billions does Roche make per year? they can only spare a small percentage of that? seems nuts to me.

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