Diabetes Grab Bag. Copied.

I am all about accessories.  Handbags, wristlets, phone or tablet cases, meter cases.  I’ve got quite the collection of these things.  And lucky for me, diabetes gives me more devices that I can accessorize!  After reading Kerri’s post today on her Diabetes Grab Bag, I decided to post my own to answer her question, what’s in your diabetes grab bag?

Since I have an abundance of accessories for my BG meter devices, I do like to switch it up.  I tend to get bored using the same thing day after day.  My favorites are from Myabetic or Sugar Medical Supply or Stick Me Designs.  (If you haven’t checked them out, they each have great stuff!)  But lately I have thrown in a regular cosmetic case for use to carry my meter and supplies, like Kerri, Kim, Rachel, Alanna,  to name a few.  I like it because it’s compact yet big enough to hold all the things I need to test.  Or treat a low.  And keeps my meter or PDM handy instead of securing it within the case.  I can even throw my Dexcom receiver in there when it’s not next to me.

I also carry with me a separate case that holds my emergency supplies.  Two extra pods, an unopened vial of insulin in my Securitee Blanket vial protector, syringes, batteries, alcohol swabs.  So yes, I too carry a ginormous tote bag full of stuff 😉

5 thoughts on “Diabetes Grab Bag. Copied.

  1. There is so much information in this post! I keep clicking links.
    I also have a second bag that lives in my purse with the emergency supplies, like extra pods, a syringe and some non-D girl emergency supplies.

  2. I feel like if it were fashionable enough I might just have a d-suitcase.

    “What’s that you’re rolling behind you there missus?”

    “Oh that? Tthat is my emergency room on wheels!, need a band-aid, sugar tablet, insulin shot, tylenol, glucagon, ginger tablet, sanitizer? STEP RIGHT UP!”

  3. Love this post! I’ve thought of getting cosmetic bags as a meter bag or as an emergency-extras bag. I really do need a bigger purse, though. I’m lucky that I can fit my meter bag into my purse! lol I’ve never heard of the “security blanket” til reading this post!! What a neat idea! I’ve dropped so many vials as a kid, but never broke one, so I thought they were just made of unbreakable glass!! I’ve never heard of one breaking until the DOC! (That and David broke one!)

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