Mixed Emotions.

As most of the world knows, Hurricane Sandy hit the Northeast with a vengeance on Monday.  Joe and I were extremely fortunate that there was no damage to our apartment building or car and we never even lost power.  It was mostly my nerves that took a beating.  However I have been watching the news, pretty much nonstop, the past 3 days and I cannot say the same for many, many people.  As many pictures and video clips as I have seen or as many stories as I have heard I cannot wrap my head around the force of the water and wind from this storm.  The damage is just catastrophic.  I don’t think anyone can remember a time when the NYC schools were closed for a whole week due to weather related conditions.  The last time the New York Stock Exchange was closed for two consecutive days relating to weather was in 1888.  Was the transit system ever inoperable this long before?  I’m not sure.


All I know is that my emotions are completely torn.  On one hand I am forever grateful today.  Not only am I grateful that I still have a roof over my head with food and electricity and my husband by my side.  I am thankful that my sister, brother in law, niece and nephew are alive and unharmed.  Then on the other hand I am heartbroken for all the people who are dealing with such tremendous losses.  Houses that have exploded and burned.  Neighborhoods still under water.  Buildings collapsed.  People still missing.  Lives lost.  Things will not be “normal” in the tri-state area  for quite some time.  I can only pray for those who are struggling and are forced to rebuild their entire lives.  And heed the reminder to hold dear those people and things that we have and love.

3 thoughts on “Mixed Emotions.

  1. So glad to hear that you’re OK and that you escaped much of the wrath of the storm. Since losing power at 7:00pm on the night of the storm, I haven’t had a chance to see much of the footage (just images in my mind painted from spoken words on the radio), but now I’m staying with family and finally have access to a computer and a TV. I almost think it’s easier that way. Glad your family is safe as well.

    Possessions can be replaced. Lives can’t. If there’s one message to walk way from this storm with, it’s that one.

  2. I’m so glad you and your family are ok. I’ve been fasting on behalf of all those who are suffering so much. Whatever money on food I save, I’ll donate. Being farther away from the damage makes it easy to not be aware of what is going on so thank you for your post.

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