Does Size Really Matter?

Or more specifically, does angle really matter?  I’m going on 2 years with OmniPod.  And I LOVE this insulin pump.  For its tubelessness, its PDM, its convenience and functionality.  Prior to OmniPod, I used straight infusion sets with Medtronic and Animas insulin pumps for about 5 years.  And never had issues with them.  I could count on one hand how many occlusions or failed infusion sets I had over that time period.  Even though my lowest A1c’s have been in the last 2 years, more recently, I am beginning to wonder if the angled set is as effective as I need it to be.   And the one unfortunate thing about the OmniPod, is that it doesn’t give a choice of cannula angle or length.

While I consider myself an educated PWD, I am not certain if the angle of infusion sets can really make a difference in insulin delivery.  But I imagine it could.  I’ve read that the angled sets are usually better for areas of less “meat”.  (Unfortunately I do not have to worry about that)  But does that mean the straight sets are better for areas of more “meat”?  Does anyone know?  I’d love to hear your thoughts/advice/opinions.

5 thoughts on “Does Size Really Matter?

  1. When it comes to syringes and pen needles, they’ve recently said that the shorter needles are good for everyone, not just for people with leaner builds. With that said, I’d be inclined to say a longer pump cannula is not required for certain body types. I would guess it may vary depending on how much insulin you take, though. If you take a higher dose, you probably wouldn’t want the pooled insulin to cause the skin to bubble up near the infusion site. Just a guess.

    Regarding angles or straight, my experience with the angled sets is that they use more real-estate on the body and the scar-tissue could build up quicker. But I’m not absolutely convinced of that myself, so I wouldn’t go ahead and say that would be the case for anyone else.

  2. I have no specific science, but I feel like it has to matter!

    I wish there was some way for it to have a steel needle set although that is clearly a pipe dream because how would you use their insertion with a steel needle?! OUCH!!!

  3. I’ve taken insulin for over 40 years so I’ve used quite a variety of systems. The Omnipod was my first pump because I would rather take frequent injections than have to mess with the tubing.

    As a nurse: The new shorter cannula should not change your insulin absorption unless you use the site too frequently. As a diabetic I haven’t noticed a change either.

    I have had 4 pods conclude since the new pods came out. :/

  4. I’ve been using OmniPod since the first ones. And I am 100% certain that, for me anyway, the angled infusion is NOT doing me any favors. I occlude much more frequently, and the scarring is 5-10 times more (depending on where the pod is). I LOVE the smaller pod, but miss the straight infusion. I also find that the ‘straight’ infusion had more predictable absorption.

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