Help me Choose. Please :-)

Medical alert bracelets. They are certainly not what they were 30 years ago when I was a child first diagnosed. Or even 10 – 15 years ago as an adult, veteran person with diabetes. Lucky for us that are in need of some form of medical identification, there are organizations like Lauren’s Hope that offer such a wide variety of ID’s that are actually quite nice looking. Pretty, if you will, for the ladies.

I have been wearing the same Lauren’s Hope medical alert bracelet for probably about 2 years or more now. It’s been with me through showers, getting tattoos, illness, workouts, daily commuting, sleeping, in Costa Rica, Barbados, North Carolina, Indianapolis, Boston. I love it and get a lot of compliments on it. Fortunately, I have never needed to use it other than to point it out to a TSA agent in a foreign country. But I like the peace of mind it gives me that the information is there should I need it.  However I tend to get bored with my accessories and like to have a variety. Lucky for me my friends over at Lauren’s Hope are offering to provide me with a new one so that I can try it out and review it for my readers! But I need your help. I cannot decide. They have so many to choose from, that fit my taste even, that I was hoping you could all vote for the one you like best. Once I receive the chosen bracelet, I will put up a product review for all of you. And there may even be a surprise for you later on!

Below are the three bracelets that I like. Please leave a comment here on this post with your choice. All comments must be received by this Friday, June 21st at 3pm EST. I appreciate your help! And if you haven’t already, take a look at what Lauren’s Hope has to offer. I’m pretty sure you’ll find something you like 🙂

Shades of Silver







Eye Candy


*Please note that although I am receiving a product from Lauren’s Hope at no charge, I am not being paid otherwise. The opinions of their products and services are my own. I think it’s unlikely but if I happen to dislike the bracelet I receive, I will be honest about it and include that as part of my product review.

14 thoughts on “Help me Choose. Please :-)

  1. I like the Shades of Silver, but the band looks a little thick and might be too much, so my vote goes to Eye Candy

  2. I personally like the Olivia. All three are pretty. Shades of Silver would be a close second.

    I get bored with my medic alert bracelet so i make my own. I like that the Lauren’s Hope tags can be clipped to different bracelets.

  3. Since I’m the only guy to weigh in so far, I’m still gonna go with Shades of Silver. Though I really don’t have a clue (just ask my wife). Looking forward to hearing about your choice.

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