Patriot Day.

Every year, on the anniversary of 9-11, I do not feel right carrying on my day as usual.  My thoughts, and everyone’s thoughts, are all about what happened on that day.  And rightfully so.  As much as we as a nation came together and fought back, things will never be the same.  Just the sound of that date being spoken brings back all the memories.

I was working in Manhattan that day but fortunately not close enough to where the attacks happened.  It still was close enough to feel very frightened.  To feel betrayed by human kind.  To feel violated.

I cannot grasp the terror the people in the presence of those attacks suffered through.  I cannot comprehend that people actually planned those acts of violence.  I cannot fathom the loss people endured when starting that day like every other.  And I cannot understand that people are still losing their lives from things like cancer.

Today I will have to carry on.  I will have to sit in my office to file reports with regulators this morning.  I will have to attend my annual physical appointment with my endocrinologist later on.  But my mind will be somewhere else.  It will be trying to remember and honor all the innocent people who lost their lives that day.

2 thoughts on “Patriot Day.

  1. It is so hard to go on with our day as normal today. I’m not sure that I even want to, but I have to. But the more I think about it, I’m glad today is not a national holiday. As much as I could use a day off of work, this is not a day that I want to ever find myself looking forward to.
    The attacks do seem more distant today, but even after going through ten anniversaries of it, I’m still not quite comfortable knowing what to do or think (or not do/think) when this day rolls around.

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