Deep Sympathy.

I haven’t posted about this yet because I’m really not sure what to say.

In my life so far, I’ve lost all but one grandparent.  An aunt.  Friends.  My mother in law.  My father, even, which hurt deeply.

But I do not know what it’s like to lose a spouse.  Someone who is your best friend.  The father of your children.  Your soul mate.

September 2nd , Meri had asked everyone to set aside that day for praying and fasting for Ryan’s recovery from his battle with cancer.  Instead he lost the battle and gained eternal peace.

It is times like these that I wonder why.  The Schuhmacher family already has to cope with 3 children living with type 1 diabetes.  Shouldn’t that be enough?  Sometimes life just isn’t fair.  But those thoughts aren’t even coming from Meri.  Those thoughts are coming from me.  I admire her for her strength and courage.  But no one could possibly go through something like this without help.  That is where we come in.

Please visit this page and make a donation, no matter how small, to help such a wonderful family.  They both offered so much to others, in terms of support and inspiration and kindness.

Give Forward

Although I never met the family in person, they are a part of the diabetes community that is like a family to me.  And my heart goes out to them just the same.

I am praying for them every day.

(image credit: Our Diabetic Life)

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