Secret Motivation.

Finding motivation to exercise has always been a struggle for me.  However, I have improved on that greatly over the past few months.  If I only get some kind of workout in twice a week, that is my new standard for minimal exercise, compared to the nothing I used to do.  I’m not going to lie.  I love to exercise.  I love pushing myself.  I love how I feel afterwards.  I love working up a good sweat.  But I’m also lazy.  And work a lot of hours.  So that makes finding time and energy difficult at times.

Last night when I got home from work, the weather was nice.  And I knew I had about an hour or so before the sun went down.  I wanted to go for a bike ride.  But I didn’t feel like I had the energy.  I debated for a couple of minutes.  Literally standing in the living room trying to decide.  But I went for it.  And as I figured, I was so glad I did.  I used the Map my Ride app for the first time and clocked in a 7.25 mile ride.  Not bad for someone who didn’t have energy huh? 😉

The place I love to ride is a bike path along one of the parkways in my neighborhood.  There are two near each other and I usually opt for one.  However last night I did some of both and was so glad I got to enjoy beautiful sun setting scenery along the way.  I have to say that I love and appreciate the backgrounds nature provides.  After seeing that last night, it may just be some secret motivation for me to ride some more.

Hey, whatever gets you going right?  🙂

6 thoughts on “Secret Motivation.

  1. I really need to get on my bike again. Riding it is attached to memories that hurt at the moment, but being sentimental is not going to take care of my health. 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed your ride!

  2. Is that the Throgs Neck Bridge? When I lived in the area, I used to love rollerblading on the path on the side of the Cross Island Parkway (biking/jogging trails between highways and water must be a New York thing), and just at the end – near the base of the bridge – was always an ice-cream truck ready to treat a low. But for biking, I liked riding through the neighborhoods, there was always a lot to see, and shifting over one block would make the scenery entirely different.

    I kind of miss doing that now that I don’t live in the area anymore. The suburbs just aren’t quite as vibrant.

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