New OmniPod Cases – Update.

Not too long ago, I posted about new meter bags coming out specifically for the OmniPod PDM’s from Sugar Medical Supply.  Well I received mine in the mail on Friday so wanted to share with you.

Overall the size is very comparable to the original bags from Sugar.  They are a tad bit wider and a tad bit shorter.  Here is a picture to compare (the new OmniPod bag is on the left)

The inside is very similar as well, this time with a bit more room to fit both the PDM and a pod.  The clear strap that holds a meter is sized specifically for the larger PDM.  It is still adjusted by velcro which allows for more flexibility.  I use a skin for my PDM and had to try a little harder to get the strap to fit with the skin on.  But it does fit.

The material of the outside is the same as the original bags, which to me was a great attribute to keep.  It is a very pleasant fabric – not too stiff, not too slippery, easily wiped off for cleaning if necessary,

In addition to holding the PDM, it also is a great fit to hold just my extra supplies!  No need for a giant bag to hold it all.

Right now there are two patterns to choose from – the one shown here and pink hearts.  But hopefully down the road we will see more 🙂  I would recommend this case for OmniPod users for sure and they are available for purchase now on Sugar Medical Supply’s website!

Thank you Carolyn!

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