I Like When Change is Good.

I have made two rather major changes to my diabetes management recently. And I can’t say for sure if it’s one or the other, or a combination of both, but I have seen improvements in my overall BG readings. Which of course is a good thing. For the first time in my insulin pumping life (5+ years) my CDE reduced ALL of my basal rates. Each and every eight of them. That has never happened since I’m on the pump. I wasn’t sure how I felt when I left her visit. I wasn’t exactly experiencing way too many lows. But there have been hours at a time in the past couple of weeks where I’m stuck around the 70-80 mg/dL range. And the lows I have had, she was able to trace to too much basal insulin. So I thought the worst that can happen is I run high and change them back. Right?

Well my first day on my new basal rates have resulted in readings of 60, 99, 112, 152, 142, 115, 106 and 122 mg/dL so far, with the Dexcom line to go with it. I am pretty surprised actually. I guess the reductions may not be too much like I thought! Props to M 😉

So what are these changes you are probably wondering? Switching from Novolog to Apidra insulin and from a tubed pump to the OmniPod. Now your guess is as good as mine why the OmniPod would better control my BG. My guess would be that there is no tube for the insulin to go through so a more direct delivery into my system? No kinks or bubbles from tubing? An angled infusion set as opposed to a straight one? Has any of this been proven? Not that I know of. But for some reason it seems to be working better for me. The Apidra has improved my postprandial (post meal) numbers. My current endo, as well as my previous one, felt there wasn’t much difference between Novolog, Humalog and Apidra. But according to their website “Apidra® works quickly to help control mealtime blood sugar ‘spikes’. You can take Apidra® rapid-acting insulin within 15 minutes before your meal, or within 20 minutes after starting a meal.”  I had tried Apidra once about a year ago or so and didn’t stick with it for some reason.  But this time I paid more attention and tracked the difference it has made.   

Whatever the scientific reasons behind these changes improving my BG results, I truly hope it continues. I’d really love to see an improvement in my A1c in April.

*please keep in mind that I am in no way stating that taking Apidra or using the OmniPod will improve everyone’s diabetes management – don’t forget – your diabetes may will vary*

11 thoughts on “I Like When Change is Good.

  1. That is fabulous that everything is going so much better for you! Changing your insulin may have had something to do with that. I have had more than one person tell me that it’s good to switch up insulin, because the body can build a tolerance for it. As for the tubing vs. no tubing, sorry, but that’s definitely not a cause. Omnipod, Medtronic, Animas, etc. all have subcutaneous infusion sets and they all go into you at exactly the same spot (angled versus not angled wouldn’t help either). I suppose bubbles could contribute, but I doubt it would be enough to notice.

  2. I’ve asked my endo about Apidra and he said the same thing, that there’s not much of a difference. Perhaps I shall bring it up again.

    Glad you’re having such great numbers!!

  3. I love my Apidra! For about a year it was a higher copay on my insurance and I still stuck with it. Thankfully it has gone back down. Whether endos believe it or not, every one of my graphs show that it has a faster action than the Humalog I used to use. It also ends quicker – I had lots of trouble with delayed lows from Humalog tails.

  4. I keep asking for it and my endo keeps saying that the clinical studies show no difference. I think I will call and demand to try it since it’s free through April through the company’s website.

    So glad you are seeing some success and that the transition is going well for you.

  5. Yay!!! I am so happy for you! You have changed your D care sooo much since we first met. You should be so proud of yourself.

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