New-to-me Product.

So I’m a bit late on this one … this has been out for quite a while but I got my very own Tummietote from Tallygear in the mail yesterday. And I used it during my workout last night.

But let me take a few steps back. Living with diabetes in this day and age, there are a few devices that you need to have with you all the time. Some of these may even have to be on you. With that in mind, short of creating a “tool belt” for diabetics, Donna and Matthew created the Tallygear line for their daughter Tally who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2007. From their site “Our wish for you or your child is to make wearing an insulin pump or any other personal item more comfortable and secure. We began with the idea to create a belt to make wearing the insulin pump more comfortable…we believe we have gone beyond that. The belt is not only comfortable but, it is also extremely stylish and can be very discreet.”

I’ve heard so many great things about this product but never got around to getting myself one. After recommending it to a twitter friend based on others’ reviews, I decided to order one. And I’m really glad I did. Recently switching to the OmniPod, I no longer have an external pump to wear somewhere on my body. But I do see how convenient this belt would be for a pump. I do however, still need to carry my Dexcom receiver with me all the time. That fits perfectly in one of the pockets that closes with velcro and is easily accessible to view my BG trends. It has three of those pockets altogether.  The belt is extremely comfortable; it is wrapped around your tummy with velcro.  I also like how soft the material is.

They come in so many different fun colors and patterns and various styles too. I would also recommend this belt for people who do not have diabetes. You can very well fit an iPod, phone, or other little important little gadgets in it to take with you on the go, especially when active.

*Tallygear did not provide me with their product for review. I purchased the Tummietote on my own accord and these opinions are strictly my own.*

1 thought on “New-to-me Product.

  1. Nice! I want to start walking since our gym membership stopped due to our insurance no longer covering it:( I’d eventually like to start running, but always find myself cutting walks short just because I don’t have enough pockets to hold all my d-stuff. This sounds like a great product! How can you not love something designed out of love for a fellow diabetic?! 🙂

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