What I Love About It.

It has been over a week since making the switch from a tubed, more traditional portable pancreas (insulin pump) to the OmniPod.  It has gone very smoothly thankfully, which is what I was hoping for.  Here are a few things that I love about the Omnipod:

Showering – being connected continuously and not having to feel rushed to get connected again to my pump.

Getting dressed/using the ladies room – not having to worry about keeping a pump connected while moving articles of clothing around.

Working out – not having a pump weighing down my pants!

Using back sites – yeah I’m not so bendy or flexible anymore (thank you getting older and putting on a few pounds) so having to just stick the pod on without having to pull a needle out or reconnect is so much easier.

Automatic priming and insertion – I love that the pod primes itself and mostly that it inserts itself with the push of a button on the PDM!

The PDM – this thing is awesome.  All the information right there on the meter/manager without having to download anything is great.  I think the lists of BG history is my favorite. 

I think most of what I love about it comes down to not having a pump to keep somewhere on my body.  It wasn’t really the actual tubing that I minded so much but I feel so “free” with just a pod on my skin.  Now I can wear my pancreas on my sleeve!  Or my back.  Or my tummy 😉     

Also, please go on over and check out my interview with Tony from Blogging DiabetesPodcast 

Thanks so much Tony for the great conversation 🙂

4 thoughts on “What I Love About It.

  1. It was great talking and hope to see you on Saturday at the JDRF. You really make some great cases for the ‘pod verses a traditional pump. I’m not sure how to “insert” the pod, but back sites would be nice because I’m probably overusing my current 4 sites. Thanks again Stacey!

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