Feel Good Friday.

It’s been a long week (even though I only worked four days of it) but it’s Friday.  And that makes me happy.  I’m all hooked up and running on the OmniPod since Tuesday night.  And readings like the ones in the picture make me feel good.  I’m even due for my first pod change tonight since using my own, new system.  And I’ll have to remember that putting it on my lower right back is not a good spot since that is where my heavy tote bag lies when carrying it.  You live and learn! 


I wish you all a great weekend 🙂

2 thoughts on “Feel Good Friday.

  1. Stacey – this is PERFECT timing for this post!!! I’ve just put a new infusion set in on my lower back for the first time ever, and coincidentally am going back to work after a 2-week vacation and will be carrying my bag again on Monday…. so, what a lesson your post has in it! Thanks!

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