I Think It’s Mad at Me.

I think my insulin pump is mad at me. I am currently waiting (and waiting) for the paperwork to go through for a switch over to the OmniPod. And I think my Ping pump knows it’s getting the boot.

One night last week I did an infusion set change in the evening. About three hours later, after going to bed, I heard the Fur Elise alert coming from my Ping. I knew something was up since I keep it on vibrate so the only time it will alert with song is when it’s not delivering. I looked at the screen and it said “Pump not primed. No delivery. Blah blah blah”.  I disconnected the site and went through the priming process then reconnected. This seemed to appease the pump and I had no other alerts after that. Until last night. I did an infusion set change kind of late last night (I do not recommend doing this but I kind of forgot about having only a few units left in the reservoir). Sure enough about an hour after changing everything, I got the same not primed alert. This instance it happened three times. I was so annoyed that this was happening at 11pm when I should have been sleeping. And poor Joe. “That thing goes off every night”. “No honey, this time it’s my pump not the Dexcom”. I went into the living room to call Animas’ technical support. I was just waiting for the alert to happen again. I was on hold for 20 minutes. Someone finally answered only to tell me that a representative would call me back. Probably in a half hour. Really?! At 11:30pm I’m supposed to wait for a call back?! I actually did wait for about 15 minutes but couldn’t keep my eyes open so left the phone off the hook and went to bed. Luckily the alert hasn’t happened again. But I’ll be very apprehensive when I do my next site change. I’ve always been a fan of the customer service from Animas. Last night, not so much.

Now is it really possible for an inanimate object to know I’m going to stop using it in the near future? I doubt it. But it certainly feels like it.


Quick editor’s note: I just checked my caller ID (since I left the phone off the hook) and Animas did not in fact call me back in a half hour – they called back at 12:49am.  Well over an hour later.  Boy am I glad I didn’t wait up!

5 thoughts on “I Think It’s Mad at Me.

  1. Is the pump still under waranty? Maybe it’s time to get the pump replaced as a back up fro when you get the Omnipod.

  2. That would be enough for me to know I was right leaving it behind lol. Sorry honey, the late night crap really gets annoying. Oh and you know you are not the only one to ever do a sight change late at night. I am sure at least 90% of pumpers have. I hope it hangs in there till you get your OmniPod. Do you still have the MiniMed if it starts acting up again?

  3. Ugh, I remember those late nights and “pump not primed” alarms. If it’s under warranty, see if you can get it replaced. I know it sucks since you’re waiting on approval for the omnipod though.

  4. Stacey, you’re the 3rd person I’ve heard having this problem. I’m sorry, that stinks:( I’ve never been fond of Animals’ customer service (from what I’ve seen when David calls) They are super nice and all, but not so helpful. I hope the paperwork for your pod goes through quickly & you receive it soon!

  5. I HATE the Ping. I couldn’t get rid of it fast enough. I won’t even use it as a backup – I’m giving it to my endo to use for demos, etc.

    Despite having two occlusions back-to-back on Friday and Saturday, I still love the Pod.

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