One might think that people living with diabetes get a rest at night when they sleep. Not so. Unfortunately blood glucose (BG) levels can change during the night, even while you are not doing anything but sleeping. Crazy right?  And this is where using a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) can help alert you of high or low BG that you otherwise may not know of.  Since you’re well, sleeping.  Except that those alarms from the CGM can cause for restless nights.  Last night had to be the worst in my CGM-ing history.  Before going to sleep, around 9:15pm, I was 156.  A while before that I had a low that was being stubborn.  And of course the carbs I ingested caught up to me.  Around 10:30 I got my first high alarm.  (my high alarm is set at 200 mg/dL)  I tested and was 231.  So I corrected and went to sleep.  And so it began. The night of hourly high alarms.  I wasn’t terribly high but hanging around the 200 mark. All.  Night.  I corrected, I increased my basal. But nothing seemed to bring me back to normal.  And since I was trying to sleep, and wasn’t dangerously high, I kept trying to sleep.  And the Dexcom kept waking me. Then my pump would go off too. The 2 hour reminder after my bolus.  And the beeping that I was down to 20 units in the reservoir.  If I wasn’t such a considerate individual, I would have contemplated screaming. And if it wakes me up, of course it wakes the hubby too.  So sorry Joe.

Diabetes doesn’t sleep. And that means sometimes, neither do we.

5 thoughts on “Exhausting.

  1. Me too! All night last night! I have my high setting at 180, and I hung out at like 181 all damn night. I finally turned the sensor off. Probably not the most responsible thing to do, but i was desperate.

  2. I can’t tell you how many times I have BRRR! after BRRRR! coming from the nightstand as my Dexcom alarms every half hour. Ugh. Frustrating!

  3. Nights like are terrible! I don’t have a CGM, but the Dead Battery pump alarm went off on Saturday morning…… At 4:30 a.m. The first battery I tried to replace my dead battery with didn’t work. Lucky for me the second one did. But of course I was wide awake by that time. 😉

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