Small Victories.

Part of the lives we lead as people with diabetes includes much interaction with places like doctor’s offices and pharmacies and insurance companies. I think it’s common knowledge that sometimes dealing with these types of places can be aggravating. To say the least. To put that on top of the already mundane and tiresome task of managing diabetes, it can feel overwhelming. That’s why when things go smoothly and there is an organization or individual that goes out of their way to help you even in small ways, it can feel like a huge victory.

Edgepark is a medical supply company. I initially used them just for the shipment of my Dexcom sensors. I believe they were the preferred supplier per my insurance. Then I began getting my pump supplies from them as well. Mostly for convenience. Then I was contacted by one of their representatives who I’ll call “J”. She asked what my current method was for getting test strips. When I told her I got them via my local retail pharmacy, she asked if I would be interested in getting those from them. When she explained that it would be covered under my durable medical equipment coverage and not my prescription coverage with a much lower co-pay, I happily agreed. So for the past year I think, I’ve been getting test strips from them as well. When I recently switched to Freestyle from One Touch as my primary testing, they allowed me to switch with no problems whatsoever. Then the other day it dawned on me. What about the ketone strips I pay a ridiculous amount of money for? Could those be provided by them too? Well I called J and sure enough she got right on it and I should have those delivered to me in the next few days. (Pending insurance approval obviously) This may not sound like much of an effort on her part but it’s the little things that can take some stress off of us. That can lighten our burden just a little. And we can be thankful that there are people or companies out there offering fantastic service when we have so much to deal with.

Disclaimer: I do not have any affiliation with Edgepark. They do not know that I am posting this story today nor have they asked me to review their service. If they do read this however, thank you J and Edgepark! 🙂

7 thoughts on “Small Victories.

  1. I’ve never had a great opinion of medical and insurance groups just because they are so aggravating so when I was diagnosed with diabetes, I was really dreading how much more often I’d have to deal with them, but so far I’ve been impressed with the helpfulness of the diabetic center I’ve been using.
    I’m finding myself starting to look for a medical supply company that I can get my strips through, so thanks for the helpful review!

  2. I am a HUGE fan of Edgepark. Always helpful service, always easy to use, and they’ve yet to screw up one of my supply orders – which is simply unheard of. Yay Edgepark!

  3. I love Edgepark too. Insanely helpful and easy, and I haven’t had any problems with them yet either. Whew. It’s all too rare to get such good service, which is sad. I’m very glad you’ve had good experiences with them, too!

  4. I use EdgePark for my test strips & I’m really happy with their service & my co-pay!!!
    And as far as little victories – They win wars!

  5. It’s funny to me how much insurance differs. My test strips are free as a normal prescription (not even a co-pay), but if I got them as DME I would have to pay 30%.

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