Almost two weeks ago, I posted about BG meter accuracy issues I’ve been having.  I received the new replacement meter from One Touch as promised, last Tuesday, and I continued my comparison between the Ping and the Freestyle Lite.  Unfortunately with the same results.  On average, the Ping was 19% lower in readings, sometimes much more than that.  Now I know what you’re thinking – the FDA has a standard of meter accuracy within 20% and that difference is within that standard.  So maybe technically there is nothing “wrong” with the Ping meter.  However I am not comfortable with that big of a difference.  Just yesterday my first reading on the Ping read 101 mg/dL.  Since my Dexcom read higher than that (and I’ve run out of Lite strips) I retested.  This time it read 185 mg/dL, more in line with the Dexcom.  That’s a 45% difference!  Like I mentioned in my last post, that 19% variance is equivalent to one whole a1c percent!  That is huge.  And I truly believe that it has lead to some disconnect I’ve had between what I thought my BG readings are and what my a1c is. 

I’ve made the decision to switch from the One Touch meter to the Freestyle Lite.  It’s not a decision I was happy to make actually.  I’ve depended on One Touch for quite some time and am sorry that their product wasn’t more reliable for me.  And I’m not saying it’s a bad product either.  My conclusion was strictly made on my own personal experience.  I am thankful to have the knowledge and resources available in order to make this decision that is so imperative to my health.  Part of my reason for sharing this story is to inform others who may not be aware that things like this can happen.  Most importantly, the FDA seriously needs to work on improving that 20% accuracy standard.  And ASAP.  Our BG readings are nothing to mess with.        

And a thank you to Edgepark for being so accomodating in getting my strips exchanged.

15 thoughts on “Changes.

  1. I’ve been with one touch so long that I hesitate to change. But I see accuracy issues with my readings as well. I think we all agree that 20% is much to high on the deviation.

  2. RIGHT ON, girl! I had issues with my one touch and for the past few years have loved my Accucheck Aviva. Of course, I don’t doubt that sometimes it’s off. Makes me feel a bit paranoid. They absolutely do need to improve that 20%!

  3. I just switched to Freestyle Lite, too. My readings on the Ping meter were so wrong (and so varied) that I just couldn’t justify it anymore. I still use it as a remote for my pump, but I’m feeling much better with the Freestyle’s consistency. Plus, I LOVE the lighted strip area for those middle-of-the-night tests.

  4. I hope it works out for you. I know you didn’t make this decision without a lot of consideration.

  5. The decision-making is tough, but it’s all about what we’re most comfortable with – so good for you for making the needed switch to get that peace of mind you’re looking for. Personally, I’ve had accuracy issues on pretty much every meter and CGM. The One Touch UltraLink 2 has been the most accurate, in my experience. Yet the other One Touch meters I’ve used are not as accurate. Again, none of them are as accurate as they SHOULD be, but that’s sadly the world we live in until someone requires more accuracy (read: Hey, FDA… Wake The Fructose up!!!). Anyhow, hope the switch to Freestyle provides more accuracy for you!

  6. We have used the One Touch since Joe was diagnosed…I have heard wonderful things about the Freestyle…good luck. So far so good with what I think are accurate readings for us, but who the heck knows? And a percent in A1C is not acceptable, you are right.

  7. I’m glad you’ve gone with your intuition and the data (!!! so impressive) to do what’s best. for. you. You’re my inspiration to do some experiments of my own. The accuracy “thing” is so freaking depressing. But all we can do is exactly what you did/are doing. Thanks for sharing it all with us.

  8. Hey, quick question. I love Freestyle, as I use the one that’s built into my Omnipod PDM. But my question is, how do you get Edgepark to send you test strips? I get all of my Dexcom and Omnipod supplies from them, but they said that they do not cover pharmacy things, like test strips. Just curious, because if you did something that I can do, and I can get my strips through Edgepark and not have to go to Wal-Mart, I will be a happy girl!

    1. Elizabeth – sorry I didn’t reply sooner! I get my pump and Dexcom supplies from Edgepark and they actually contacted me to see if they could provide my test strips also! Since my durable medical equipment is covered at 100% of course I said yes! So unfortunately I can’t advise on anything that I did. I would maybe ask again about the strips being covered under DME.

  9. I just saw this post and wanted to comment. I’ve used Freestyle Lite for the last 4 years and loved it. I recently started on the Animas Ping and love the pump itself. That said, I can’t stand the inaccuracy of the meter. At one time, when I first got it, I off (no real symptoms, just off) so I tested. Came in at 105. So I thought, maybe it’s just my allergies. But something told me to test with the Freestyle. Yeah, rang in at 49. This happened a couple times (off by as 105 points wiht another reading) so I called and got a replacement for the meter/remote. I still don’t trust the meter and have numerous times had to check a second time (which was usually right) or with the FL. I’ve thought about going back to FL but I don’t want to carry ANOTHER bulky thing around. Does it bother you having to carry a separate meter around?? I guess it’s worth the trouble, right??

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