Possible Record.

7:30am 79

8:55am 54

10:00am 76

1:15pm 51

1:35pm 45

1:45pm 53

2:00pm 89

3:10pm 63

4:22pm 57

5:30pm 178

8:05pm 63

9:30pm 134

These were my BG readings yesterday.  7 out of the 12 were low.  I had to calculate that I drank 168 grams of carbs in the form of juice or soda and it wasn’t even enough to keep my BG up.  I suspended.  I lowered my basal.  I was going to rip the insulin pump site out of my body!  I felt awful.  And I worried about what it was doing to my body.  I was driving (in between lows of course!) and it started raining.  My mind went completely blank on how to turn on the headlights.  That scared me for a moment. 

I did nothing out of the ordinary yesterday either.  I got in a workout around 11am when my BG hung out around 100 according to the Dexcom but that’s not unusual.  This isn’t the first time that I’ve encountered numerous lows in one day but this may be a record.  Even in the 29+ years that I’ve been dealing with lows.  And I know that others go through it occasionally too.  But it really makes me wonder what causes it.  I guess maybe I’ll never know.  I just hope it doesn’t happen again any time soon!

5 thoughts on “Possible Record.

  1. Oh Stacey I am sending you big (((HUGS))). It’s the fear that sets in that is the worst part. I’m sorry you went throught this. I find though that once I have the second low I have to follow the juice with some type of long acting carb. I know that it’s enough to make you puke. Way too many carbs in way too short of a time.

  2. I suspect the hot weather may have had something to do with it; I found insulin was absorbed faster during the past week, causing me to have to make a number of adjustments for reasons that lacked any other explanation.

  3. I wonder what effect monthly hormone fluctuations have. Maybe the onset of lows in the past couple of months is hormone related. Hard for me to tell, having had a successful ablation 10 months ago with no cramps or bloating to remind me when my cycle even was! I should have my CGM by the end of the week and should hopefully see some trends that I can adjust to. My lows are like an out of body experience, where I know I’m confused, but can’t really figure out what to do about it. Sucks.

  4. one of the reasons i hate hot, humid weather is just that, the lows! i don’t feel them coming for the most part. and if i do, i just feel like sleeping (unless i am sleeping and then i just sweat!). damn lows!!! damn humidity!!
    hope you are feeling better today 8)

  5. Ugh, days like that are the WORST!!!! I had the same kind of readings the first three days of Friends for Life. It was crazy!! I went through a whole 50 count bottle of glucose tabs!!! Thank goodness Pete won a bottle at the Dex booth!! 🙂

    Hope you see much more even – in range – numbers now!!

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