Sweet and Salty.

One of my favorite things in life is to enjoy a really good meal or snack.  And as we all know, having diabetes can put a damper on that at times.  Having to count and calculate insluin required for every single carb that is ingested into my body, I try to be conscious about what I eat.  Most of the time.  (see also: cupcakes

With that in mind, when I do snack I try to find lower carb, health(ier) options.  I have more of a salt tooth than a sweet tooth.  Unfortunately most of the foods I crave are high in sodium.  But recently I found the best snack ever which satisfies my salt craving as well as having a touch of sweetness too.  I introduce chocoloatey pretzel cereal bars by Special K

(picture also courtesy of Special K)      

These are absolutely delicious!  One of the girls on my team at work told me about these and I couldn’t thank her enough!  They are only 90 calories, 17g of carbs and have some fiber too.    I’m so in love with these that I keep picking up some at every store I see selling them, afraid that I will run out one day.  Target, CVS, Waldbaums, etc. My only complaint, Special K if you’re listening, is that they are pretty small. They are so good that eating one just leaves me wanting more. But I haven’t actually eaten two at a time. Yet.

3 thoughts on “Sweet and Salty.

  1. I LOVE these bars!!! I once found at a party scoops Fritos with one end dipped in chocolate… I highly reccomend them!! Not quite as healthy, but if you can just eat one (or not 12) then I think it’s ok.

    I appreciate you sharing these little tid bits… I am new to reading D-Blogs and so appreciate that I am NOT the only one thinking/feeling/dealing this way!!

  2. Chocolate pretzel???? Only 17g of carbs??????? Less than 100 calories???????? Those are SO going on my shopping list right now! Thanks for the tip!

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