No D-Day: Appreciation

In honor of No D-Day, thanks to our good friend Super Ninja G, I will be posting something today that is not diabetes related. 

Very often I think the trials and tribulations of every day life is very easy to get you feeling down and out.  I think it is better for the heart and soul of everyone (myself included) to reflect on those things in life that bring us joy and those we are thankful for.  And that is what I am doing today.

I work a lot of hours at my job and it gets to me sometimes.  I have little time to do much after work during the week except have dinner and unwind a little bit … this exhausts me.  However I am extremely thankful for the job I have, that it pays me very well and provides me with great benefits. 

I am no longer the size 2/4 that I once was when I was in my 20’s.  I am not very happy with my appearance these days  and this indeed gets me down at times.  But I am so thankful to have a hubby that loves me and still wants to get intimate with me no matter how I feel about the way I look.

I have an unusually close relationship with my identical twin sister.  We live about 45 minutes from each other so I see her nowhere near how much I’d like.  But I am grateful for modern technology (phone, email, text, skype, etc) that keeps me in touch with her each and every day when we’re not in each other’s company physically.

Joe and I do not have children.  As time goes by, this is looking like a more permanent situation.  Which hurts.  However I am extremely thankful to have a nephew and two nieces who bring me joy.  I am a very proud Auntie who loves those children and would do anything for them.

No one likes going to the doctor.  I have two appointments this weekend (totally un-diabetes related!) which kind of stinks.  But on the other hand, I appreciate that I have the means to see a doctor when I need to and keep on top of my health.

These are just a few of the many things I have to appreciate.  I always try to think of one of my favorite sayings when the going gets tough “when life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile”.  Life gets to the best of us sometimes but when it does, think of the good things.  I will leave off with one of my favorite photos of all time, that makes me smile every single time I look at it.  It’s from Anne Geddes, a world famous photographer.

9 thoughts on “No D-Day: Appreciation

  1. This is such a great post and a wonderful reminder to be thankful for what we have. The parts about not wearing the clothing sizes you once wore and about realizing that having children may not be likely really hit a chord with me because I can relate to both so well. But I am thankful my husband still thinks I’m sexy even if I’m fat. And I’m thankful for my godson and the other wonderful children I’m an honorary aunt to.

  2. You always have a way of looking on the bright side and I admire you for that. 🙂 You deserve the best and I pray that you find that every day!

  3. Big hugs! I enjoyed reading your post. It made me think a little bit. Your niece and nephew are blessed to have such an awesome aunt like you!

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