The Mio

Some of you may already know, I am extremely fortunate to own both the Animas Ping and the Medtronic Revel insulin pumps.  I’m not even quite sure how that worked out but I have both and do switch between the two.  Some of you may be wondering which one is better and in my opinion they are both very good devices, each with their own “perks” as you could call it.

One of the things I’ve always liked about the Ping is the Inset infusion sets.  They are colorful, a bit smaller on your body and come in their own insertion device.  I am one of those pump users who refuses to insert an infusion set manually.  Despite the fact that I took injections for about 25 years, jabbing an infusion set into my skin just makes me shudder!  All the years I used the Medtronic Quicksets, before using the Ping, I always used the serter device and had numerous in my possession in case one were to break.  Then a few months ago, they introduced the Mio set which to me looked very similar to the Animas Inset.  In the last order from MM, I got the Mios instead of the Quicksets and to be quite honest, they are exactly a replica of the Inset.

The picture above shows the Medtronic Mio on the left and the Animas Inset on the right.  See, they are exactly the same.  Which for someone like me, is a good thing.  The only differences (at least at the time I got them) is that Medtronic only offers the colors in the 6mm canula size where Animas offers both 6 and 9mm as well as Animas having an additional color to offer, green.  I was pleased with the new product and would recommend them to other Medtronic users.

(Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with either Medtronic or Animas and this post is just from my personal experience with either infusion set.)

6 thoughts on “The Mio

  1. Awesome! I like. I will say that I have the same issue about manually inserting an infusion site or a sensor. I just can’t do it. Scares me to even think about it.

  2. I figure they are probably made by the same manufacturer, no? I use the 9mm, so I guess I am out of luck, lol. I just can’t imagine changing to the smaller tubing. Thanks for sharing the news Stacey. Makes it easier on MM users when they suddenly get Mio’s instead of Quicksets. No fear 🙂

  3. Stupid me – I asked the Minimed rep about those at TCOYD. And frankly, he was clueless – every question was answered with an “I don’t know. If you call our 800 number . . . ” Duh, I wish I had remembered you use the Mios. I think next time I need to order new sites, I’ll order one box of those and see how I like them.

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