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Dreaded Question.

As a person living with diabetes, having a laundry list of doctors to see is quite common. And those doctors are, unfortunately, not always diabetes experts. One of the things I am asked on occasion was asked of me recently on a phone call with a nurse from my retina specialist’s office. And it drives me crazy.

“How are your blood sugars?”

Now, I’m sure there are instances where someone could say totally out of control or close to perfect (don’t I wish!) but I think for the majority of us, it depends on what hour of what day. I know they mean well and are trying to get at how “controlled” your diabetes is. But how exactly does one respond to this question? Do you respond with your latest a1c result? Latest finger stick result? Latest blood sugar average from your meter? Current CGM reading? I mean if you ask me that at the peak of my female cycle, my answer is going to be fantastic. If you ask me while I’m battling a cold, my answer is probably going to be terrible. If you ask me that while I’m under a lot of stress at work, my answer will be could be better. If you ask me while I’ve had the time and energy to beef up my exercise, my answer would likely be great. With how very tedious the daily task of managing one’s glucose levels is, and just how many factors contribute to those readings, there should not be such a blanket question as how are your blood sugars. There are just too many elements to answer that precisely. I need to think of a great answer to this question when asked. I’d love to hear suggestions!