Accuracy. And Lots of Links.

Glucose meter accuracy is one thing that I feel very strongly about.  As everyone living with diabetes should.  I have been able to keep my A1c under 7% for the past 2+ years, something I have never done before in my 33 years with T1D.  But one of the things I need in order to be able to do that is an accurate glucose meter.

When using the OmniPod insulin pump, I mainly used the PDM as a glucose meter since it was built in – it uses Abbott Freestyle test strips.  I also have a One Touch Verio IQ meter which I posted about some time ago, really liking all of its features.  Even though it reads a bit higher compared to other meters for me, I’ve been using that as my main meter since shortly before I switched to the Tandem t:slim pump.

When Dexcom recently announced a software update to their G4 CGM product for more overall accurate results, of course I was thrilled.  I downloaded the update as soon as I could a few weeks ago.  Since the G4 was already very accurate for me (in terms of being in line with my fingersticks) even better accuracy sounded amazing!    Until it started reading off to my glucose meter and it’s been like that for the past few weeks, driving me crazy.  Has anyone else noticed this?

I received an email last week regarding the results of a J.D. Power customer satisfaction survey that noted Bayer ranks highest in overall satisfaction.  In the report, it also states “In addition to these results, Bayer recently presented data from two new analyses of previously published studies at the Diabetes Technology Society Annual Meeting 2014 that demonstrated the impressive accuracy of Bayer meters”.  This got me thinking to my own Bayer Contour Next Link USB meter that was tucked away.  I’ve tried it in the past and liked it and recall it being very close to my Dexcom readings.  So I decided to give it a try again.


(In the above picture, the Dexcom had been calibrated with the Verio) I’ve done my share of meter comparisons and I don’t want to do that anymore.  Not only is each meter different, it stresses me out completely to do this.  So I’d rather not drive myself crazy if I can help it 🙂

Since Friday evening, there is definitely a notable difference of having readings much closer to my Dexcom than the Verio has had recently.  All I want is a meter and CGM I can trust for accuracy and consistency.  Since I already trust the Dexcom after 6 years of use, I need a glucose meter that will give me the same experience.  My diabetes management cannot be at its best without it.


 (While I have mentioned specific glucose meter brands in my post, I am in no way bad mouthing any of them.  Everyone’s experiences vary and I am only writing about my own.) 

9 thoughts on “Accuracy. And Lots of Links.

  1. One way I measure the accuracy of a meter is with repeatability, particular how close the two initial calibration readings are for my Dex G4. When I used the Verio IQ, sometimes the two readings were close but often they were 10, 15 or more points apart. When I switched to Freestyle Lite due to the meter accuracy study shared at Diabetes Daily, the readings were almost always within a couple of points and hardly ever as much as 10 points apart. I believe that my G4 began to work better with what I consider more consistent calibrations. (I don’t know how the Omnipod meter fits into this accuracy because it is an older meter that originally used the regular FS strips.)

    I really like the looks and operation of the Verio, but I was never convinced that it was more accurate than any of my other meters.

    Good work on getting improved A1c’s!

  2. I switched to the Bayer when I switched to the Vibe last March and I have noticed a SIGNIFICANT difference in my CGM accuracy and, even more importantly in my ability to catch trending lows or highs. My reaction time has dramatically improved.

  3. Stacey… any chance the sensor was a day or less old in your testing? My understanding (though I could be wrong) is that Dexcom dials in much better on day two and three than in day one. Hope everything else is great with you!

  4. Like you said, comparing meters will just leave you exhausted and frustrated because they aren’t meant to be measured against each other. Even in the first picture, they are all within current accuracy standards. It might not be the best philosophy or reasoning, and I’ll sign any petition pushing for better standards, but I’ve come to just accept/believe that “it is what it is.”

    1. Sara, I’m totally with you on the it is what it is reasoning, especially for sanity’s sake and I finally accepted the differences between meters. Until it started being off to my Dexcom that is. I’m hoping to put this behind me soon 🙂

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