Good for You.

You may have already heard of or even tried the glucose gels by Level Foods.  I have tried them and they are good for treating low blood sugars.  While my go-to treatments are still usually the good ol’ juice boxes, they do taste pretty good and work fairly quickly.  Lucky for us, Ethan, the founder of Level Foods, expanded his products and now offers protein shakes and bars.

Over the past year, I have made a greater effort to enhance my knowledge of food and exercise and how it affects my body with type 1 diabetes.  I have incorporated Beachbody into my life, with their workout programs and their Shakeology meal replacement shakes.  I recently did a 5 day Shakeology and clean eating cleanse that did wonders for my glucose levels.  I also learned a bit from my friend Ginger about food.

When I received an email from Ethan of Level Foods, I was very excited to give his new protein shakes and bars a try.  There are other recent reviews of his products from Sarah, Rachel and Brian.  Their feedback was all positive and I am going to add to that.  I’ve tried protein shakes by Special K and Muscle Milk.  Special K tasted very good however the nutritional value wasn’t exactly ideal.  The nutritional value of Muscle Milk was better however I didn’t particularly like the way it tasted.  I’ve also recently tried protein bars by Quest and wasn’t exactly in love with the taste of those.  Luckily the bars and shakes from Level Foods both taste delicious and have good for you ingredients.  And the bonus? My BG loves them!  They are low carb so very BG friendly.  The flavors of the shakes are vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and caramel.  While they all taste good (honestly!), that is the order in which I like them 🙂  The flavors of the bars are caramel chocolatey peanut, double chocolatey chip, chocolatey crisp and chocolatey peanut crunch.  Again they are all good, but those are the order in which I like the bars.  I’ve shared my samples with my hubby, who is very into weight training and protein products, and he enjoyed them as well.  I will most definitely be buying these products.


Now here is the fun part.  And extremely generous of Ethan.  He is offering a premier bundle pack to one lucky winner!  All you have to do is leave a comment on this post by midnight (EST) Saturday February 8th and I will randomly select a winner on Monday, February 10th and announce it here.

For those who will not be lucky enough to win the bundle pack, he is offering a 25% off $20+ purchases by using the code below.


Good luck everyone!  This is a great contest to win and I would highly recommend trying these products out!  And a very big thank you to Ethan for the products he created and for this great offer 🙂

11 thoughts on “Good for You.

  1. I’d really love to try the gels! I need to find something that works fast and I’m sick of glucose tabs! Lol I also would love to try the bars, I could use something that doesn’t spike ny bg’s now that I’m back in school FT!

  2. I’m a big fan of protein bars at breakfast, usually with a cup of yogurt too. Anything that is tasty and keeps the BG spikes at bay is okay in my book. Plus, anything that is like a decent shake without a gajillion carbs makes my day!

  3. I am curious about the gels…the only time I have ever had glucose gel was from an EMT that came to my house and threatened me with an IV…(my coworkers called the Sherriff to look in on me, I didn’t show up or answer my phone–slept through a low!) and it was the most horrid thing I had ever tasted. Wonder if these are good. I’ve heard of the gels, but didn’t know they had other products. Interesting. What are the nutritional stats on the shakes?
    Thank you for making this available!!

  4. I love the glucose gels for a fast low fix! They taste good too – much better than tablets! I would love to try these bars and shakes!

  5. I absolutely love their products! I usually start the day with a bar and shake when I have them in stock. They don’t cause spikes in my sugar, it actually just keeps it pretty stable. The gels are awesome they taste great and work fast. I just wish I could find them a little easier locally.

  6. I haven’t tried their products yet – but like the sounds of it! I do enjoy protein bars/shakes so very much something I would look at 🙂 Thank you for the chance

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