New Doc Update.

A few of you had asked me to keep them posted on my new endocrinologist story.  Which I appreciated.  And so here is an update.

I saw Dr. R last week.  Was it magical?  No.  Was it dreadful?  No.  Was it satisfactory?  Yes.  It was kind of strange to have to start from the very beginning of my diabetes life when giving her my complete history. But I had to and she updated my records with the information I gave her.  I of course included the minor complications I have been dealing with over the past couple of years.  She wasn’t surprised by this since I have been living with diabetes for over 30 years.  She asked if I was on an insulin pump and when I confirmed I was indeed on the OmniPod, she asked for the PDM right away to download.  Note: at my old practice, this information was only downloaded at my CDE appointments.  She inquired about my last A1c and how it has been generally speaking.  When I stated that since being on the Dexcom CGM, it has been pretty stable around the 7% mark, sometimes a bit lower, sometimes a bit higher, she asked for the Dexcom to be downloaded and was almost shocked why I didn’t give it to her upfront.  I explained that I was not used to having my devices downloaded at endo appointments.  I felt so silly!  We spoke about general endo issues as well including celiac.  When I was tested for celiac about 2 years ago, it wasn’t at the suggestion of my endo but at my own request.  I inquired how my visits would go in terms of seeing her and other staff in the practice, like a CDE for example, she said to her it was apparent that I did not need continued education so it would be quarterly visits to see her.  However I would have access to a CDE in the practice, one who I could contact for anything.  She ordered a bunch of blood work which was done in the in-office lab (plus!) and a urine analysis.  She requested I see her in three months when she will perform a follow up sonogram on thyroid nodes that were identified on me last year.  I called yesterday for the results of my lab work and was pleasantly surprised when she was the one who called me back.  The blood work and urine was normal and my A1c is back under 7%.  All of which made me extremely happy 🙂

Moral of the story.  Was I blown away by the first meeting with this new doctor?  I wouldn’t say so.  But she was more assertive in addressing things than what I’m used to.  And she adjusted one of my insulin to carb ratios, something that has never been done for me by an endocrinologist.  And we got along.  My dear husband’s view is that I became stagnant at my old practice and a change would be good.  This doctor is also associated with a bigger and better network which could be a benefit down the road.  I’m feeling positive which is definitely a good thing.  I think I will take the next three months to decide but I’m already leaning toward keeping Dr. R.  What I am very glad about is that I am an empowered patient and have the wisdom to make this sort of determination.  I wish everyone could have that knowledge and not settle for mediocre health care.


10 thoughts on “New Doc Update.

  1. Fantastic! It seems like a change could be doing good 🙂 I haven’t changed endos since I moved from college out to a regular practice, but I remember not being blown away by my endo for a good long while. We had to get to know each other. And now, 13 years later, I run into him around town and know the names of all his kids (and he knows mine.) I like that kind of relationship, on top of him being very easy to talk to about all the medical stuff. Here’s hoping for a long and beautiful relationship for you and yours!!

  2. Sounds like a no nonsence down to business type. I bet you will develope a good relationship, but it will take a few appointments to do so if I have my profile is correct. Looks like a keeper. Happy for you.

  3. I’m glad the relationship is off to a good start–hopefully it gets even better to move beyond sufficient and into excellent–and, who’s to say things won’t grow into something better? And of course, the uploads of all the data and the tweaks are probably really beneficial, too :].

    Keep it up–and keep us updated! I’m glad it worked out–even if it’s not quite perfect. ❤

  4. If this visit only ranks “good” on your ranking of endos, either you’ve been fortunate enough not to see a really bad one or you’re grading on a curve. To me, this visit seems better than good. Dr. R seems to be the type that isn’t content with the status quo and consistently looks to take action and make things – which may already be good – even better.

    I remember the first time an endo asked for my pump so he could download information from it. I was completely blown away that he made the effort to get all of that data — and then to analyze it. This one sounds like a keeper to me!

  5. We wrote about two entirely different topics today but wrote almost the same exact last sentence. We all deserve excellent (not adequate) health care. How do we empower people enough to know that and help them to seek it out?

  6. I love this because 1) the appointment was a success and 2) you’ve shown one huge benefit of being an educated and empowered patient!! Yay!

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