New Good Reads.

When I was growing up with diabetes, there weren’t many books around that I knew of on the topic.  These days, I’m happy to say there are more book resources available to people with diabetes and their loved ones.  And some of them are even written by people I know and respect.

I wanted to share some recent books that are out there.  The first is Ginger Vieira’s new book Emotional Eating with Diabetes.  I read her first book Your Diabetes Science Experiment and loved it.  I’ve also worked a bit with Ginger on my own eating and exercise habits and love how Ginger works with each person on what fits their individual needs and lifestyles.   If anyone can help you create a positive attitude about food, it’s Ginger.

The second is Diabetes Do’s & How To’s by Riva Greenberg.  Riva is a well respected member of the diabetes community, being diagnosed with T1D in 1972.  (And a great travel mate 🙂 )  She contributes to the Huffington Post regularly as well as the author of 50 Diabetes Myths that Can Ruin Your Life and The ABC’s of Loving Yourself with Diabetes.  With her new book, Riva strives to guide people with their diabetes self care, avoiding common confusion and feeling overwhelmed.

Living with diabetes myself, I don’t get the viewpoint of being a care giver for someone with diabetes.  It has its own challenges and thinking back, I’d never really known what my parents felt as I grew up.  Fortunately, there are many parents of children with diabetes in the community and I learn all the time about what that is like.  One book that is currently available is Kids First Diabetes Second by Leighann Calentine.  It explores the many challenges surrounding raising a child with T1D.  Leighann’s insight on taking care of her daughter has been valuable to me, seeing diabetes through her eyes.

A book that is available for pre-order is Life is Short, Laundry is Eternal by Scott Benner.  Scott shares his story of keeping a positive attitude, despite his daughter’s T1D diagnosis, and his experience of being a stay at home Dad.  Scott is a really funny guy and I do admire his outlook on things so I am certain this will be a good read.

11 thoughts on “New Good Reads.

  1. As a person who was not diagnosed with T1 until I was 30 I have yet to see a book that explains and supports the partner of adult T1. Often I wonder what it is like for my husband who has been with me since before my diagnosis. I know his trials are difficult as my moods swing or as he worries during a low.

  2. I’m planning on reading at least a book about diabetes every month this year, since I’ve just been diagnosed a year ago and I want to learn more about this, from different points of view. “Your diabetes science experiment” was on my list for a long time and I’ve also added “Life is short, laundry is eternal” since I started reading Arden’s day. Thanks for the recommendations!

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