Diabetes Art Day.

So today is Diabetes Art Day.  I am SO happy I wasn’t as late in posting this as I thought I was going to be.

I loved catching up on the art day submissions little by little during the day.  I admire everyone’s creativity!  And a special thank you to Lee Ann, for starting such a fun event 🙂  I’m not all that creative but still love to add what I can come up with.  Usually Joe helps me out but this year I had the help of another friend.

I hate when I have bad diabetes days but hate it even more when my friends do.  Truth.

5 thoughts on “Diabetes Art Day.

  1. Is Lenny allowed to wear non-Medtronic devices? I mean, I know YDMV applies to people and lions alike, but this is kind of like the commercial where the Coca-Cola delivery guy is caught drinking a Pepsi.

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