Logging Made Easier.

If there is one thing I do not do well as a person living with diabetes, it is logging.  Anything.  When I see my endocrinologist every 3-4 months I just download my BG readings from my meter(s) for the past 30 days, print it out and present it to her.  She is fine with that.  When I see my CDE however (alternating between her and the endo), we go over my readings in more detail.  Since she has the “clinical” software in the office, she downloads both my Omnipod PDM and my Dexcom data.  The one thing that is helpful for these appointments with M is to keep track of events such as food intake, exercise, illness etc.  Sad as it may be, there is no way I can remember what I ate or how I felt last week!  So I usually log these things for about a week prior to my appointment.  What I’ve been doing for the longest time is keeping a self made Excel spreadsheet with this information on it.

My next appointment with M is next week so it dawned on me that I needed to start logging.  However I was frustrated with the good ol’ Excel file and was trying to find another app available to keep track of such info whether on my iPhone or on the web.  Since I already have a few diabetes related apps on my phone, I did some scrutinizing.  It turns out that the iBGStar app is working well!  (side note: I do have the meter but do not currently use it)  It is still a form of data entry since I’m really only entering information when I eat or exercise or don’t feel well but it’s easier for me to use since believe it or not, I am not always near an Excel workbook.  The key to entering the actual food I am eating, and not just that I ate fatty food or miscalculated carbs, was to add a new note.  The option is already there to add BG, amount of carbs and amount of insulin.

I especially like the way it is presented in the report when you compose data to send via email.  Now I am not sure I will actually email her my logbook since that office is anti-email unfortunately but I can at least print it out for her.

I remember the days of having to write down my BG readings before a doctor appointment.  I do not want to go back to those days.  Ever.  Having apps like these is extremely helpful.  Especially for someone like me who hates logging with a passion and will find every excuse not to do it.  Now if only I was able to email the health care providers in the office I go to.

2 thoughts on “Logging Made Easier.

  1. Hey Stacey, this sounds really promising! My Dr doesn’t do the e-mail thing, either. (as far as I’m aware) But printing out can be super helpful. Do you know of the iBGstar app is only available on the iPhone?

  2. I’m gonna try this out – having to be near a computer and fill out the excel grid is 90% of why my logging efforts always fail. But noting something on my phone? I bet I could do that.

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