Little Things to Appreciate.

One of the things about living with diabetes is that there are a lot of medication and supplies needed on daily basis. Very important mediations and supplies. And very expensive medications and supplies. This means that people living with diabetes deal with pharmacies, medical supply companies and insurance companies more than we’d prefer I’m sure. I am extremely fortunate to have most of my diabetes supplies covered under durable medical equipment and Edgepark is a preferred provider for my insurance. To me, this gives the comfort of knowing I am going to receive my pods, sensors, test strips and ketone test strips like clockwork, every 3 months. I am a huge fan of Edgepark. Some of you may have already heard this from me. I’ve been dealing with them for almost 3 years and have never had a bad experience.

Until yesterday that is. A shipment of test strips was being sent to me – some boxes of Freestyle test strips (backup strips that go with my OmniPod PDM), some boxes of One Touch Verio test strips and some boxes of Precision Xtra blood ketone strips was what I was expecting. Except when I got home and opened the package there were only 2 boxes of Freestyle strips. Umm, I knew the package felt way too light! In a panic, I called Edgepark to report the error in my delivery. I was told the other strips were on backorder however I was not notified of this prior to the shipment going out. Needless to say, I was very disappointed in my favorite supply company. The customer service rep checked with their warehouse in another location and was able to locate the items I needed in stock and informed me they would be going out in the next couple of days. I was beginning to run low on my primary meter strips and was kind of bummed I may run out before getting the new supply.

However, I got an email from Edgepark early this morning about a delivery notification and low and behold I received this package in my office around 10 this morning.

I was frustrated that they didn’t inform me of back ordered items but thank you Edgepark for compensating for that mistake by getting these to me in a hurry. Customer service like that makes dealing with the intricacies of diabetes life a tad bit easier.

5 thoughts on “Little Things to Appreciate.

  1. It’s interesting how experiences can vary so much. I’ve really never had a good experience with Edgepark, and what you’ve described usually happens (or has, when I had them) regularly with some added headaches. But, I’m glad to hear it’s not consistent across the board for everyone. That probably explains, too, why they’re still in biz. Glad it all worked out and you got the need supplies, Stacey! Thanks for sharing this.

  2. I hate it when I’m not notified of back ordered things. But I am glad you got what Iou needed quickly.

  3. I’ve been impressed time and time again by Edgepark’s customer service. They’re always apologetic, even if it’s not their fault (like when my supply management was held up waiting for my doctor to confirm it)

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