Coming Down from a Vacation High.

Vacation.  I think everyone needs one once in a while for the sake of their mental health.  Sometimes you just need to get away from everything.  From the monotony of daily routines.  No cooking.  No dishes.  No cleaning.  No getting up with an alarm clock.  Just enjoying the scenery of a foreign place that is unlike what you are used to.  Listening to the sound of the ocean beside you and feeling the breeze cooling off the heat from the blazing sun.

Joe and I just got back from a trip to Costa Rica. We have been to quite a few destinations around the Caribbean and Mexico.  But never have I been to a place that has regular trees, palm trees and cactus altogether.  It is amazing.  It is the second smallest country in Central America but has a lot to offer its tourists.  The people are very friendly and smart, offering a lot of education about Costa Rica and its culture.  The landscape is beautiful.  The rainforests extraordinary.  The wild life entertaining.

Unfortunately one can never take a vacation from diabetes.  It came with us to Costa Rica but luckily was not a burden.  I was chosen to go through the body scanner at JFK airport on our trip there.  To be on the safe side, I declined to go through it and was given a pat down in a private room instead.  (The TSA agent gave me the option to have it done then and there or in a private room.  I opted for privacy)  Then on the way home, in Liberia airport, the metal detector was set off when I went through.  I got a pat down again, although not nearly as intimate, and when the agent felt the pod she asked what it was.  Since I wasn’t certain of their knowledge of such medical devices, I pointed to my medic alert bracelet and to my surprise she retorted with “insulina?”.  I smiled and said yes!

The five hour flight did not bode well for my blood sugars.  And I wasn’t sure how the two hour time difference was going to affect it.  But I decided to take the advice from accu-chek and change the time on my pump the morning after we arrived.  This seemed to work well.  I had to change my pod a day early because of being in the water so much – it wasn’t sticking anymore!  The same went for my Dexcom sensor.  But I went prepared with more than enough replacements so no issue there.  And I have to say that wearing the pod was even more a pleasure in the pool than when I had the Ping pump last year.  No tubing or anything to deal with while still getting insulin continuously.  Fantastic!  Overall my readings were decent so I was glad for that.

This was also one of our “healthiest” vacations.  There were hiking trails on the resort so we did some hikes 3 days we were there and went to the gym another day (I know! And it was my idea!).  The resort itself consisted of very steep hills all over so just walking around was exercise in itself.  The food we ate was also healthy.  I liked that there was no fast food to choose from.  Lots of salads, fish, chicken, fresh fruits and vegetables.  And plantains.  Those are very popular there.  Delicious and good for you.  Can’t beat that for sure.

The time flew and I can’t believe we’re back.  I’m coming down from a vacation high, trying to get back  to real life.  I keep looking at the pictures, reminding myself of the peaceful place we just were a couple of days ago.

Here are some more pictures from our trip.

6 thoughts on “Coming Down from a Vacation High.

  1. I’m so glad you were able to enjoy time away at such a beautiful place & that your blood sugars didn’t interfere too much with your relaxation. I for one am glad you’re back though. 🙂

  2. Amazing pictures! So glad you had a restful and relaxing time! (And, um, is that a crocodile??)

  3. SIGHHHHHHH…Glad you got to do this! Sounds lovely and I’m so impressed with your hiking on your vacation-not sure I could have done that 😀

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