Fancy Lancing.

If you know me, you will be well aware of my interest in new things that come out. Or if you don’t know me too well, you probably have heard about it already here 🙂  With that being said, Accu-chek has a new lancing device out called the Fastclix. I don’t know if there has been some sort of “formal” announcement about its launch or not but I found out about it when I received a coupon in my email from CVS. They were offering me a discount off of a new Aviva Plus meter plus a box of the Fastclix lancet drums. What’s this Fastclix they speak of, I wondered to myself. And of course I went on a mission to find out about it. Right now it is only available for purchase as part of the Aviva Plus meter system. (a special thank you to Rob from Roche who answered my original questions about the new product!) From CVS, the meter costs $19.99 so I purchased one online so that I could check out the new lancing device.

Let me stop here for a moment. I have been a long time user of the Multiclix lancing device, also from Accu-chek. I have a few lying around places in case I should ever lose one. Or one should break. I refuse to use any other kind of lancing device no matter how many different meters I have acquired over the years (and that’s many). You may then wonder why I was so eager to try the Fastclix? I wanted to see what the “1-click” was all about.

Multiclix shown above.

Fastclix shown above.

(image credits: Accu-chek)

So I’ve been using the Fastclix for almost a week. My initial thoughts was that it is different compared to the Multiclix even though they look a lot alike. Each drum contains 6 preloaded lancets which is the same and something Accu-chek should never, ever change! The 11 depth settings are also the same and a great feature There is a new lever that advances to a new lancet, as opposed to turning of the plunger. This may prove easier for some, especially if conditions like arthritis in the hands are present. There is nothing to press to prime it prior to lancing and there is no release button. All you do is press the plunger at the top like a pen. Hence the “1-click” mechanism. This I really like. Not that it takes more than a second or two to prime, but add up each second gained for each BG test and it adds up! Especially if your fingers are hardened like mine and at times takes a few tries to get blood out of those darn things. The actual lancing feels pretty much the same – which is a very good thing for your fingers. Overall it’s good and I don’t dislike it. However part of me feels more comfortable with the button release of the Multiclix. But that could be just the result of a longtime habit. Either way you can’t go wrong with either of these devices. If you haven’t tried either one, I would seriously recommend it. Your fingers will thank you!

Disclaimer: the contents of this post are strictly based on my own experience and I have no personal connection to Accu-chek or Roche Diabetes.

15 thoughts on “Fancy Lancing.

  1. I used the Multiclix for years. I am so glad you reviewed it because I was curious about the Fastclix. I switched to the Delica when it came out and I lost it last week and had to go back to my Multiclix. As a result of this I came to the conclusion I LOVE my delica so much more than the Clix system. Thanks for preventing me from having to run out and spend money needlessly lol 😉

  2. I want one* so hard! For some reason, each time I get close to buying one, I chicken out. This may be the push I need.

    One= either the Multi or the Fast version. Anything is an improvement over the Delica I keep complaining about.

  3. Stacey, am I reading this right? With the Fastclix you get a new lancet every time? So there is no reuse of lancets? It looks really cool! I love my Multiclix (thanks to you!!) I’ll most likely stick with that for the time being, but I always love hearing about the new stuff from you:-)

    1. T, the Fastclix works just like the Multiclix in that you have to change it yourself to get a new lancet from the preloaded drum. It’s just that there is a lever instead of having to twist the plunger.

  4. Interesting. Thanks for this, Stacey. I’ve been using the little bite-sized OneTouch lancet devices forever, but have been passively looking for a new version. I saw a Delica at a recent ADA Expo and thought that looked interesting enough to try, but now I’m eager to look into the Accu-chek Multi or Fast clix just to get a sense of their use. Great review – much appreciated by those of lancet-lookers out here!!

  5. Thanks for the post! I’ve been following y’alls comments about it and I’ve always just used the ones that come with my meter – for the last several years it’s been Freestyle. But they have been breaking on me pretty often. Right now I’m using a Freestyle lancet from my old device – it’s too big for the little pack the meter comes in. I am also notoriously bad about not changing my lancet needles – so the concept of having it switch to a new one so easily — intrigues me very much. I can’t switch any time soon ($$) but will keep it in mind! Thanks for the great review. 🙂

  6. I’m still confused about exactly how it works (the whole single action thing) but you are making me strongly consider a trip to my local pharmacy to get one so I can try it myself 😉

  7. Thanks for the article. Although I love my Multi Clix, I ran out and grabbed an Aviva Plus meter with FastClix to try it out.

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