A Weekend You Don’t Want to Miss.

Last spring, I attended the Weekend for Women conference hosted by Diabetes Sisters. I didn’t know of many women who had gone before and didn’t know of a lot of women who were planning on attending. But it sounded like a great event and decided to go. Plus I had never been to North Carolina before and thought checking out Raleigh would be a pleasant experience. Boy was I right! Both the setting and the event itself were fabulous. I got to hang out with Allison and meet Sysy and Sarah and Brandy, of course. I also got to experience memorable moments with my diabetes sisters.

This year’s conference is being held in the same location in May. I am so excited that I registered today for the conference and booked the hotel. Now all I need is to find me some cheap airfare!  This year they are even adding a special program for partners of those living with diabetes, hosted by some awesome guys. I highly encourage any female with any type of diabetes or that even has a loved one with diabetes to attend this weekend for women.  You won’t be sorry. You will positively feel like part of a sisterhood.

Please check out this link for all the info: 2012 Raleigh Conference.  And I hope to see you there 🙂

3 thoughts on “A Weekend You Don’t Want to Miss.

  1. Sounds like an amazing event! I really want to go…there are a few deciding factors, of course price being one of them. Going back to school is NOT cheap, as I am finding out!! And then there’s the on-going struggle with David who constantly asks me why do women always have these women’s groups, diabetes is not a gender specific disease, as say, ovarian cancer. He’s got a point, and I never have a good enough answer for him. *sigh*

  2. I’m so excited to be attending with Erik this year! I think it’s going to be such a great time. 🙂

    And Tricia, I do agree, kind of. I think some issues, like pregnancy and hormones affecting blood sugar control are definitely women’s only issues, and then of course, women have their own unique emotional way of looking at body image and exercise and that sort of thing, which have a unique way of impacting women. I kind of wish there was a men’s only group for men to focus on those kinds of issues in a safe way. I feel like co-ed is good for some things, but sometimes it’s easier to open up with people of your own gender. I was a little skeptical of the Weekend for Women last year, but having gone, I think it’s great.

  3. I signed up and I am very excited to be going. I am all set except getting there. Though I am thinking of driving, air fare is so high right now, but then so is gas…
    I understand what David is saying. I don’t agree 100% but I do see where he is coming from. It would be great if there was a men’s with D event but who would go? Men are not as known for self-improvement seminars and sharing their feelings. ACT1’s Women’s Group has a much higher attendance than the Adult Group has men ever show up. Perfect example:

    Tina:Hey honey I am going to the D Sisters Weekend
    Greg: Awesome
    Tina:They have a program for D Sister’s Partners…
    Greg: Why?
    Tina: To help them deal with and learn to deal with their role in our lives and their frustrations and
    what not
    Greg: Don’t even joke…
    I am not saying all men. However, most I know do not think they need or nor want help coping with anything…

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