Please Make It Stop.

Last night I did nothing out of the ordinary. We had dinner of leftovers around 5:30pm and I finished an elliptical workout around 7:45. My BG was 153 mg/dL pre workout and 131 afterwards. Pretty good in by book. I took a shower around 9 and noticed on my Dexcom that I had dropped a little below 100 mg/dL. Still pretty good. I had some tea before getting ready for bed and was in the living room while my Dexcom receiver sat in the bedroom. I got back to the bedroom and it started with its 3 vibrations, signaling a low BG. A finger stick confirmed – 49. I had a juice box and waited a bit before trying to fall asleep. This was around 10pm. This 49 turned into a low that would not go up until 3am. That is a 5 hour low blood sugar. 5 hours. I had numerous juice boxes, decreased my basal first by 20%, then by 50% and finally by 80%. In all my years of living with diabetes I will never understand what causes persistent lows like this. You would think after a couple of hours, my liver would have gotten the hint for some glucagon! Maybe the exercise had something to do with it, however I should have had enough carbs in my bloodstream to compensate for it. I have also been exercising a few times a week so it shouldn’t have been a shock to my body. At one point, I was on the verge of tears wishing for God to please make the low stop. All I wanted to do was sleep. I am very thankful to have had my Dexcom. Although its alarms every 30 minutes was what was keeping me awake, I otherwise may have just fallen asleep and not able to stay on top of that darn low.

And of course since diabetes is a bitch, I have been around 200+ mg/dL since I woke up this morning. Needless to say, I am feeling like a zombie today. I’m already thinking of later tonight when I get home and can hopefully go to sleep early. Nonstop lows are bad enough during the day. But they are so much worse during the night, when you’re supposed to be sleeping.

8 thoughts on “Please Make It Stop.

  1. Sorry, honey 😦 Diabetes is indeed a beeeyotch. I get frustrated with unexplained uncooperative lows too. I, too, am glad for Dex’s watchfulness, but both of us getting woken up all night sucks. Hopefully today will go by without a hitch and you can get some sleep tonight.

  2. That’s a lousy night for sure! I wonder if the fructose in the fruit juice has to be processed by your liver and slows it down. I know quite a few PWD who use juice for lows, but wonder how much of the sugar is instantly available. I hear fructose is a slower processed type of sugar. Hope you can shorten your lows to minutes, instead of hours. Geez! How frustrating for you.

  3. THAT SUCKS! Sorry to hear you had such a rough night of unexplained lows leading to a Zombie morning. Wishing you a peaceful day with numbers that behave!

  4. Oh Stacey, I’m so sorry you had to go through this:( Persistent lows are thee worst. I feel for ya, girlie. I hope things straighten out for you VERY soon. Feel better & hang in there!

  5. Ugh, that really is such a PITA!!!! It’s so frustrating when you’ve done everything right – covered your exercise with carbs, treated that first low – and diabetes just seems to have a mind of it’s own. I’m wishing you a nice, steady in-range line tonight and a restful night of sleep!!

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