D Blog Day 2011.

My friend Gina, well my diabetes BFF, started a tradition called D Blog Day a few years ago.  Today is the big day for 2011 and she has asked us to do a scrapbooking project including a few specific details.  Since I don’t pay attention to instructions (and used the wrong kind and size paper), what I created last night is just a draft and the real thing will be completed this weekend.  This was fun!

Happy D Blog day everyone! 🙂


**Update** The below is my final scrapbook page (with the correct kind and size paper 🙂 )

5 thoughts on “D Blog Day 2011.

  1. Great pages, Stacey! Love them all – OK, I am lying there…. Was happy with ALL BUT ONE of your photos here… can you guess which one? It was the Sensor Failed photo that made me grumble, “stupid sensor.” All the rest made me smile. :)) Thanks so much for the awesome work!

  2. Great job!! Love this Stacey! I was so busy that day and wish I knew about this sooner:( But I got to be a part of it through your page:) I may try to do one for myself this weekend, even though its late…

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