First off, I jumped on the bandwagon and set my blog background blue for National Diabetes Awareness Month 🙂 

Second, I had every intention of particitpating in the Juvenation blog carnival challenge however being that it’s already the 4th of the month, I guess you can say by now, I’ve been unsuccesful at the challenge 😦  But I am still going to use some of the blog prompts and hope that’s ok with the gals over at Juvenation!

Today’s prompt is “If you open up your fridge, what is the first thing you
would eat? And why did you pick that food? How many carbs does it

I’m trying to think of what is currently in my refrigerator.  Do I have to pick just one thing?  😉 The first thing that comes to mind is string cheese.  I’ve been eating them like crazy lately.  Those are actually zero carbs.  So maybe I’ll take two!  The next thing I would eat is a Chobani yogurt.  Preferably pineapple.  They are delicious!  One of those is 21 grams of carbohydrates.  To wash those down I’d drink either a Diet Dr. Pepper or some Diet Peach Snapple.  These are some of my favorite things to eat and drink which is why I chose them.  Not to mention healthy snack items.  (If the question was what would you eat from your cabinet, that would be a different story!  See: chips or cookies.)

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