Diabetes Art Day 2011

I’m so sorry for being late to the Diabetes Art Day party!  I’ve had some things going on (like getting a needle in my eye but that’s a whole other story and no excuse).

Anywho, here is my contribution.  And once again I must thank my wonderful hubby who helped me er, created this little piece of art 🙂  It’s the DOC truck!

Yes that is supposed to me driving 😉

Not sure if you can make it out but it has a specialized license plate that reads DOC!

9 thoughts on “Diabetes Art Day 2011

  1. That is so cute! You & Joe are an amazing team:) Don’t feel bad about almost missing d art day, I had no idea it already passed:( I feel really bad about that, especially since I had David put dsma live on & we listened to it together (for the first time!) I realized it had to be close when I heard Lee Ann:/ I’m sorry about the needle in the eye, I definitely want to hear more of how that went for you. We definitely need to make a date & catch up, its been too long…I miss you girl!!

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