Good Days Do Happen.

I was asked recently what a good day with diabetes is.  My response was pretty simple: when my blood glucose (BG) cooperates.   

When I saw this CGM graph over the weekend, I thought of my answer to the question asked of me.  Looking at it you may not think it’s the best in terms of good BG readings. However, these 12 hours included pretzel bites at the movies, cold stone ice cream AND pizza after. A bit higher than I’d like but pretty darn good considering if you ask me! And this was a day that I treated myself to these types of foods all in the same day plus I did my exercise earlier in the day to make sure I burned off some of those calories!  So I tried somewhat to manage this as best I can.  And it worked.  For the most part.  Living with diabetes would be so much “easier” if things worked out this way more often.  But I certainly do appreciate when it does.

Here’s to wishing all of a you good BG day!

5 thoughts on “Good Days Do Happen.

  1. Way to go! Those ARE good numbers considering the types of foods you ate!
    Also, good job for getting your exercise in early. That is a tough one for me.

    I just found your blog while searching for Type 1 Bloggers, so glad I did!!!
    I’ll be back!


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