Ten Things.

Day 4 of Diabetes Blog Week = Having a positive attitude is important . . . but let’s face it, diabetes isn’t all sunshine and roses (or glitter and unicorns, for that matter).  So today let’s vent by listing ten things about diabetes that we hate.  Make them funny, make them sarcastic, make them serious, make them anything you want them to be!!

I think of myself as a positive person.  I have my moments, especially when dealing with diabetes day in and day out, but generally I do not like negative attitudes.  That being said, there are still lots of things to dislike or even hate about diabetes.  I have a feeling we will see a lot of the same things being mentioned by numerous PWD but here is my list ………..

Ten things I hate about diabetes:

10. Managing it is a full time job.
9. Those lows that get me thinking the end is possibly near.
8. Every time I feel “off” wondering what diabetes related issue is causing it.
7. Not being able to eat *anything* (unless it has zero carbs) without checking BG first and determining how much insulin is needed for it.
6. The cost of diabetes supplies and endless doctor visits.
5. High BG that just won’t budge no matter how much you rage bolus.
4. When a low BG comes at the most inopportune time (ie: during a meeting, when about to drive, while having to be somewhere important, during sex, etc.)
3. The complications that may inflict me and already inflict some of my dearest friends.
2. As much as I need exercise, I cannot without preparation, BG checking, having carbs available, thinking about the next few hours of BG possibilities, etc.

And the biggest reason that I not only hate but fear diabetes is:
1. It took my father from me and my family.

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