Some Friday Fun.

In light of all the seriousness that has been spreading around the DOC this past week or so, I opted for something fun to post.  Thanks Allison (again) for the idea 🙂

one) what was your favorite sitcom growing up?  I’m sure there were more but the ones that stick out in my mind are Growing Pains, Cheers, The Cosby Show, Different Strokes, Family Ties, Golden Girls, Mr. Belvedere and Punky Brewster.  And please don’t judge!

two) what song always makes you happy when you hear it?  He Ya by Outkast.  I wouldn’t say “happy” exactly but for some reason, this song always lifts my mood and gets me in the dancing mood. 

three) do you still have your wisdom teeth?  Nope.  I had them all removed quite some time ago; probably around 9 years ago or longer.  And by all I mean 6.  Yes I know this sounds freak-ish but I had 6 wisdom teeth and learned that this is called supernumerary wisdom teeth.

four) what is your go to way to relax?  Usually it’s just getting in pj’s or comfy clothes and just vegging out on the couch.  But I can’t dismiss the heavenly massage that I get now and then.

five) do you play any instruments? The only instrument I ever learned to play was the recorder in like 3rd grade.  So sadly I’m going to go with no, I don’t play any instruments.

six) nude beaches, yes or no?  I am not comfortable enough with my own body to strut around nude anywhere outside of my own home.  I would also find it very distracting to be among other nude people, especially strangers.  Can you guess what my answer is?

seven) do you chew your pens/pencils?  I do not. 

eight) can you change the oil in your car?  Windshield wiper fluid, yes.  Oil, no.

nine) can you curl your tounge?  Only a little.

ten) can you knit or crochet? Another nope.

So this little post here makes it seem like I have no talent or the ability to do much of anything.  But I can, I swear 😉

2 thoughts on “Some Friday Fun.

  1. 1) HOLLA!!!! You can add Silver Spoons, Family Ties, and Growing Pains to that list for me 🙂

    2) Don’t judge — PARTY IN THE USA (Miley…I know! Crazy!)

    3) NOPE!

    4) Couch, remote, crackberry, laptop, hot chai. Perfect!

    5) Took some bizzare number of voice lessons (um, like 12!) Now I sing lullabyes to my girls, because Broadway didn’t work out.

    6) HECK NO. Are you kidding? My bod isn’t much to look at…but I’ve seen lots of other bods (I’m a RN) and there’s NO WAY I’d want to see some of that stuff strutting around like a rooster!

    7) Nope. But I play with my hair, and that’s pretty annoying.

    8) I can check and fill it. Nada on changing it.

    9) YES I CAN!!!!

    10) No. I was too busy taking voice lessons for that stuff 🙂

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